Win Me system properties + dailout

  MidgetMan 10:50 17 Oct 2003

As the heading says, am running win me, when ever I go into control panel/system properties Zone alarm asks if I want it to access the internet!!! what can be causing this? how to stop it? and why would it want to connect to internet anyway??

  Jester2K II 11:02 17 Oct 2003

What exactly is trying to connect? It should give you a file name! Tell us that and then we'll know what is trying to dial out!

  MidgetMan 11:28 17 Oct 2003

no file name given, Zone alarm pops up and says control panel is trying to access the internet do you want it to yes/no etc.

have done all the obvious things (being no newcomer to pc's) run av/adaware/spybot, checked startup and nowt in there, checked running process/ checked every flipping thing can think off!! nothing untoward or "iffy" has been installed, got me stumped!!

  MidgetMan 16:17 17 Oct 2003


Perhaps Zone Alarm wants to update itself, especially if you aren't using the latest version.

  MidgetMan 18:49 17 Oct 2003

don't think it zone alarm, after all why should it try to connect via control panel?

any other thoughts people??

Zone Alarm can be set to automatically get updates. Go into Preferences in the control panel and see if "check for products" is set for either automatic or manual. Select the one it isn't and see if it makes any difference. It is an outside chance it will work, but will only take a couple of minutes.

Another thought. Try uninstalling and then re-installing Zone Alarm.

  MidgetMan 16:11 18 Oct 2003

what is the fixation with zone alarm? it is control panel trying to connect, ZA is stopping it!, btw ZA is set to update manually as are all the progrmmes on my pc.

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