Win me-no dial tone

  kumarisblue 11:12 14 Mar 2005

Can anyone advise me on how to direct a modem dial to the correct port? Having problems with no dial tone when trying to connect to the net on laptop and in modem diagnostics box there is listed two ports:
com 1...No Modem
Port 2...Modem

I have a feeling the laptop is loking for the connection on Com 1. How do I redirect the path to the correct port with Modem installed? Can I delete Com 1 from this list and how do I do it? Have checked usual suspects, cables etc and all ok.

Thanks in advance!

  ventanas 11:19 14 Mar 2005

Control Panel\Phone and Modem\Modems Tab\Properties Button\Advanced Tab\Advanced Port Settings button.

Change the port here.

  Stuartli 12:45 14 Mar 2005

Try uninstalling the modem and then rebooting - Windows should assign the correct port.

IIRC if you delete a port, Windows reinstates a new one but with a higher number.

A useful modem website is:

click here

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