WIN ME install Windows Media Player 9

  bpzoom 17:18 29 Dec 2003

Asking on behalf of my son whose machine has "looped" whlist unstalling WMP9 on his Win ME system. The download of WMP9 came from Windows automatic updates. It apparently downloaded successfully and asked for a reboot. Then cam the problem. It says on black and white screen "please wait while setup updates your configuration files, this will take a few minutes" Nothing then happens except for continual Hdd (?) light flashing. Left it for two hours, nothing happened. Tried two more reboots and the above is repeated. He cannot get back into Windows. Can anyone advise please?

  johnnyrocker 17:29 29 Dec 2003

if control panel available try add/remove progs and uninstall media player from there, failing that try system restore to prior installation.


  bpzoom 17:41 29 Dec 2003

I asked him to go into Safe Mode, but he appeared to be unable to do so. Since your response, I have asked him to retry by repeated rebooting and hitting each F key in turn to find the right one to get into Safe Mode. The machine is home built and there is no manual to say which F key is the correct one. If he can get into Safe Mode, what does he do then please? And thanks for responding anyway. (Also JohnnyRocker)

  bpzoom 17:49 29 Dec 2003

OK, he found the safe Mode option with F5, but when he took it all he gets is the initial Windows logo screen but no desk top to get at add/remove etc to take up JohnnyRockers suggestion to remove WINMP. Any advice welcome please.

  bpzoom 18:02 29 Dec 2003

Latest is he gets to the 4 options screen one of which is SafeMode. Pressing that just puts up the logo screen, no more. If he is back at the 4 options screen how can he get to a DOS prompt to try your helpful suggestion to do a system restore from DOS. Or is there another route to try something else from the 4 options screen?

  bpzoom 18:32 29 Dec 2003

Thanks, but his F5 then safemode only produces the windows logo screen, no desk top is available to proceed as you suggest. I have now advised him to dig out a win me startup disc and get to dos that way and then try a system restore as VoG kindly suggested.

  bpzoom 18:34 29 Dec 2003

None of the 4 options appears at first sight to offer a Dos prompt. I am on XP and am unable to replicate what he sees on ME.

  britto 19:04 29 Dec 2003

If it helps the 4 options after f8 are : 1 normal:2 logged(bootlog txt): 3 safe mode :4 step by step confimation :

  gold 47 19:12 29 Dec 2003

Windows media player nine as far as i know can't
be uninstalled infact you should have been warned
about this before the file was opened it would have told you to make a restore point,why can't you use system restore?? otherwise you will have to format and reinstall your OS.

  bpzoom 19:20 29 Dec 2003

Frustration is the word for all this long distance analysis. He could only find a Win 95 startup disc which got him to a Dos prompt alright. When he typed the C:\ etc etc command you gave earlier for a system restore, it responded with Bad Command.

  bpzoom 19:24 29 Dec 2003

Thanks for clarifying the 4 ME options he gets. None allow for a Dos command. If the solution is a system restore which it appears to be, the current problem is how to do a restore. The Dos command given by VoG responded with "Bad command".

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