Win ME (if anyone uses it or heard of it)

  Taw® 22:35 09 Apr 2004

Mate of mine(honestly) has Win ME recently his otherwise machine became sluggish. Connecting to the net through tiscali dial up keeps disconnecting. On connecting through outlook exp starts to download mail then connection drops. I have loaded all the recommended spyware etc but no joy. I have also disabled a lot of his startups in msconfig, but still sluggish. I tried to sfc/ scannow but doesnt seem to work(is there a different sfc in ME? also tried system restore but was informed could not restore

  hugh-265156 22:47 09 Apr 2004

i think its just "sfc" in previous versions of windows.

is windows up to date? click here

if its just the dial up connection that is slow then try at different times of day as it could just be congestion.also try a speed test click here what are the results?

try plugging the modem directly into the main phone box and do not use an extension or extension socket.maybe also try updating the drivers for the modem if you know the model.

  Taw® 22:53 09 Apr 2004

thanks for that hugg no it is not up to date he did not seem to know what update was. as for the connection no the comp itself seems slow. It would appear that it has just started recently. I did think that outlook might be corrupted but am not sure how he would reload, only has a rescue disk, I believe it is explorer 5 if that helps

  lucky1 23:06 09 Apr 2004

I ran Windows ME (Millenium Edition) for several months but had nothing but bother with it. Now more than happy with XP.

Suggest your mate uses the System Restore facility to get back to a time when the machine was running properly. Then work from there adding updates, but one at a time.

  hugh-265156 23:12 09 Apr 2004

does your friend use an antivirus?

if so when you ran spybot or adaware did you also update and run a virus scan?

ie6 is recommended as it has some security fixes that ie5 did not have click here

  hugh-265156 23:13 09 Apr 2004

system restore not working for Taw®`s chum

  lucky1 23:16 09 Apr 2004

Ooops, that'll teach me to read threads properly !! Apologies.

  keith-236785 00:19 10 Apr 2004

sfc/ scannow, should actually be

sfc /scannow

you had the space in the wrong place. try again and see if it works this time (you will need to put the ME cd in first)

if it still wont keep a connection then it may possibly be a faulty modem/driver, reinstall the modem drivers.

good luck

  jakimo 01:05 10 Apr 2004

click here;en-us;303354

The link offers 3 options for a restore in Win_Me
I have used Method 2 many times with success,recommend you print it out

  hugh-265156 01:12 10 Apr 2004
  jakimo 01:14 10 Apr 2004

Sorry,The link is not working in on link,then type"Microsoft knowledge base article 303354"in box

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