Win Me fails to load, regisrty missing

  MidgetMan 08:59 04 Nov 2003

Well it always happens late at night! my daughter went to switch her pc on and got the message "unable to mount drive c missing registry run scanreg", all well and good but you need to be in windows to do that. Started the pc up with a boot disc and run scandisc first, this found TONS of errors but managed to fix them, tried to run scanreg from dos but it froze the whole pc up, Me thinks the hd is failing so I need to get it up and running so that I can transfer all her gcse homework of it.

Any ideas what I should next to at least get windows up and running if only for a short time??

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:06 04 Nov 2003

Have you tried going into 'Safe Mode'?

  MidgetMan 09:11 04 Nov 2003

Yes but it would not work as the registry is missing, therefore unable to do owt except via a boot disc, windows fails to load at all

  The Lights Are On 09:21 04 Nov 2003

You might be able to restore a older registry click here look about half way down the page.

  anchor 09:21 04 Nov 2003

Have you considered a re-load of Win-ME over the top.

  The Lights Are On 09:23 04 Nov 2003

Sorry I pressed enter before I had finished , look under 'Restoring the Registry' (In DOS)

  MidgetMan 10:19 04 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone, The Lights Are On ta have printed that off will attempt to repair this eve when I get home. Any ideas what would have caused this to happen?

  MidgetMan 17:28 04 Nov 2003

ok update. Nothing works!!!!, have tried bootup disk and restoring registry, gets into it then freezes system, tried reloading windows, get error message whilst checking files that dat file is missing unable to proceed.
cannot get into safe mode, cannot do restore from dos! I am now thinking that it must be poss to do manuel restore of regegistry from thew cab files but cannot think how to do it!!

I feel its a long evening ahead,

help now urgently needed

  MidgetMan 17:35 04 Nov 2003


  MidgetMan 17:51 04 Nov 2003

back to the top just on the off chance!

  MidgetMan 17:54 04 Nov 2003

ok, just tried to do del windows in dos and am now being told "file allocation table bad drive c" and yet I can see all the dir's etc ok, guess it its knackered then is it?????

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