Win ME - Cannot Expand My Documents Folder

  FCD 20:50 16 Oct 2003

I have just re-installed ME and have one minor but irritating problem. When I select "Start" - "Documents" and highlight "My Documents" the folder will not expand [although there is an arrow against My Documents]. Very odd!!

I have tried using TweakUI and Taskbar and Start Menu properties - all to no avail so v grateful for any help as to where to lok next.

VMT in advance.

  Pesala 21:42 16 Oct 2003

Looking at Win Control, there is a value for submenu show delay. I wonder if that could have got changed by Tweak UI to something enormous. Mine is 400 (milliseconds)

I assume that you do have subfolders in My Documents. I have none in My Pictures so it doesn't expand, but there is no arrow either.

  Pesala 21:56 16 Oct 2003

would have the effect you describe. The menu takes 40 seconds to open - long enough to make you think it is not working at all.

  FCD 09:51 17 Oct 2003

Many thanks but regret this is not the answer - in fact all the other relevant start menu items [programmes, control panel etc etc] expand ok. It seems to be a problem purely between the Start Menu and the My Documents folder. With everything else up and running, I do not feel like another re-install so I will keep looking.

I wonder if anyone else has any ideas?

  Pesala 12:53 17 Oct 2003

I know that's not a solution, but if it works/doesn't work, it might narrow down the problem.

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