WIN ME - Cannot delete corrupted folder???

  FCD 15:16 28 Dec 2003

I recently re-installed ME from a recovery disk and the system copied a back up of the old OS in a WINOLD folder. I am now ready to remove this folder but find that in the C:\winold\web directory, I have an extra folder - "My documents". This folder shows a size of 313 GB [MY my documents folder is 105 mb] and all the folders and files within it are corrupted and completely unreadable. When I try to delete this folder or individual files within it I get error messages such as "Cannot delete - widows was unable to find the specified file" or "Specified file path invalid" etc etc

I have no idea where this folder came from [I have never been into the WEB diretcory before] but would be v grateful for any help in getting rid - I would hate to go through yet ANOTHER format and re-install

Many thanks

  matt1234 16:25 28 Dec 2003

it sounds like you will need to run your virus scana over it
and the only thing i can surgest is to contact microsoft or it may sound very strange but windows may be still using it try clearing out tempory internet and go into disk clean up and just tick everything and click ok

  leo49 16:28 28 Dec 2003

If you intend to get rid of the whole "Winold" folder,I would boot up with your ME start up floppy and delete it in dos.

  FCD 17:08 28 Dec 2003

Appears to be resolved [so far] using SCANDISK and repairing the errors.

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