win me boot disk

  holly polly 22:59 27 Jul 2003

i created one of these some time ago but wife had clear out and gone missing ,being an old boy scout {be prepared and that}i like too be covered for the inevitable,can somebody please remind my rusty brain cells -HOW DO I CREATE A WIN ME FLOPPY RESCUE DISK?,as usual all answers greatfully recieved,cheers-hol pol...

  VoG II 23:01 27 Jul 2003
  holly polly 23:06 27 Jul 2003

ok voG BUT WANNA TO CREATE ME OWN LIKE I ONCE DID BEFORE I KNOW ITS EASY ,BUT CANT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER HOW TO DO IT ,methinks i shall have to dig me old mags out to refresh me brain...

  VoG II 23:08 27 Jul 2003

If you create one from ME it may not have CD drive support. Hence my click here.

  britto 23:14 27 Jul 2003

is this the same as startup disc from add remove programs tab ?.

  holly polly 23:14 27 Jul 2003

oh i see so these work ok then voG?

  VoG II 23:17 27 Jul 2003

Yes they do.

  VoG II 23:19 27 Jul 2003

I assume that it is your rescue disk gone missing and not your wife. Bad luck.

  holly polly 23:21 27 Jul 2003

just had a look on the add and remove optios tab and the create disk is there ,methinks i will download the one you suggested voG {THANKYOU},AND ALSO CREATE MY OWN {THANKYOU}-britto,this thread will now be listed as resolved ,many thanks hol pol...

  holly polly 23:22 27 Jul 2003

no worst luck lol-hol pol...

  anchor 14:36 28 Jul 2003


The boot floppy that is created from the Win-Me setup CD does have CD support, as does those from Win98 and Win98-SE.

The CD driver is a generic one, and supports almost all, but not every CD drive. I am sure the same is true with the boot disk downloaded from boot I once had a notebook that needed a specific CD driver that I had to download, and create my own variant of the boot floppy.

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