Win 98/WIn XP Can you run two operating systems?

  [DELETED] 14:27 27 Oct 2003

Is it possible to run 2 operating systems on my PC? If so how would I go about it.

  Terrahawk 15:01 27 Oct 2003

yes you can have two operating systems on one disk probably the easiest way is to install one operating system then get a copy of partititon magic to create the second partition and load the second o/s on that The reason i say partition magic is because it has an option to create partition specificaly for a 2nd o/s if all go's according to plan when you boot you should have an option to boot into win 98 0r win xp

  [DELETED] 15:34 27 Oct 2003

Yes it is. You need to have a partitioned drive.
Install Win 98 on the first partition C, then have your data on the second partition D and install Windows XP on the third partition E.

It is best to use the Fat32 system for Windows XP rather than NTFS - as Win 98 cannot access data on a NTFS drive.

  [DELETED] 18:46 27 Oct 2003

This should help click here also you can use the search facility. If you Search for Dual Boot all postings there are about 100 threads to choose from.

  gold 47 00:14 28 Oct 2003

No problem i have a 80gb hard drive i partitioned two by 40gb using the floppy disk that came with the hard drive if you don't have one as a rule you can download it from there website i put as already has been said W98 in first then XP keep the file system as Fat32 not the best for XP but
far better for a dual boot.

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