win 98se welcome screen

  Kingfisher 20:34 31 Jan 2005

my son recently had to reinstall win 98 by running setup i.e. not a clean reinstall but over the top of existing installation, he now finds that p.c. boots to the startup menu which shows the 5 options normal, logged, safe mode etc.there are no error messages and when he clicks on normal the p.c. boots to the welcome sceen as can he restore a direct boot to the welcome screen. many thanks

  mattyc_92 20:37 31 Jan 2005

There are corrupt files on the system...

Format the system and install Windows again (clean install)

  ACOLYTE 20:41 31 Jan 2005

As he can get into windows by choosing normal he could try a system file check,it may find errors and fix them and save you a format.

  Kingfisher 20:51 31 Jan 2005

thanks to matty_c92 and acolyte for your response, wii give it a try

  VoG II 21:21 31 Jan 2005

A somewhast simpler solution click here

  mattyc_92 11:48 01 Feb 2005

Yes you could do that and it would save time, but it can slow the system down (rarely does though)

  flecc 12:17 01 Feb 2005

VoG's way is the easiest using TweakUI, but if you like doing things manually:-

At the Startup Menu, choose Command Prompt Only. Then at the Command prompt, usually C:\> ,type the following, pressing Enter after each line:-

cd c:

edit autoexec.bat

Then scroll down and underneath the text type:-


Then press alt + f , select Exit and opt for Yes when prompted to save the file. That should result in Windows loading automatically.

  Kingfisher 16:21 02 Feb 2005

Many thanks to all who responded to my thread, problem solved

  ACOLYTE 16:32 02 Feb 2005

Great! witch way solved it for future reference and the other members,lol.

  Kingfisher 17:10 02 Feb 2005

Hi Acolyte,
Problem solved by editing the autoexec.bat file and adding WIN on an extra line
Thanks again

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