win 98se start up probs, pls help

  accord 21:48 03 Sep 2003

good evening,

my partners' kids pc has started to encounter start up problems when starting win98. Its a Packard Bell P2 350, 128MB, 9gig HD, Win 98se

it goes through the bios ok but when past the windows load up screen it displays a load of hyrogliphics (??) showing some sort of boxing game. the only way out of this is reset.

I have tried to boot from floppy and cd but to no avail, run norton security boot cd, again nothing.

They are not connected to the internet and never have been on this pc.

also, when booted in safe mode, the cd drive 'D' is not shown. how can i get this back??

I know theres alot here but all thoughts would be grately appreciated.

  krypt1c 21:54 03 Sep 2003

Will it startup in safe mode ? Hit f8 during boot up. Has any new hw / sw been installed ?

  accord 21:56 03 Sep 2003


boots in safe mode, no h/w or s/w been added, to my knowledge anyway. it all started approx 2 weeks ago.

  accord 23:27 03 Sep 2003


  krypt1c 23:31 03 Sep 2003

1st of all missed the bit in your 1st post about it booting ok in safe mode. Sorry. Anyway, 'cos it starts ok in safe mode it suggests your basic os is ok. Not sure about your cd drive. I'm now running W2K, and when I start in safe mode I can see all my drives. You could try starting in safe mode then using msconfig > startup see if there's anything unusual trying to start. If everything looks OK try disabling items 1 at a time then rebooting in normal mode. Have a look at this thread for some possible help click here

  busterjock 23:34 03 Sep 2003

I have seen something similar before. On a friends PC, when it was first booted you would get a string of "07" that never ended unless you did a ctrl+alt+del then all was OK. In my humble opinion, it is either a virus, or a corrupted BIOS. You could try to get updated Norton boot disks (sure you can download floppy versions) or try updating the BIOS (be careful if doing this though).

  bof:) 23:40 03 Sep 2003

Hi all,

Accord you say its 'some sort of boxing game' is this a game that has been installed by your friends children? If so have you tried uninstalling it and rebooting the PC? (remember you will loose the game unless you have the disk for it).

you can delete it in 'safe mode'


  accord 23:45 03 Sep 2003


ive looked through program folder and cant see anything which resembles boxing games, i'll check with her in the morning.

the other thing is i cant get the cd rom to work in safe mode, it says that its not available in safe mode but it does work when i put in my win 98 disk at boot up.

sorry to sound dim, but is there a repair function in windows set up???

  accord 23:51 03 Sep 2003


fantastic link to the experts exchange website,

cheers for that

  Valvegrid 07:17 04 Sep 2003

"the other thing is i cant get the cd rom to work in safe mode, it says that its not available in safe mode but it does work when i put in my win 98 disk at boot up."

The CD ROM does not work in safe mode.

If you boot using the win98 floppy it will install a generic CD ROM driver. Boot from the floppy then insert the WIN98 cd and re-install Windows over the top of the old one.


  accord 07:34 04 Sep 2003


if i reinstall windows over the top of the old one, will it remove their own profiles from it? would appreciate your comments.

another things, there is loads of old games, progs, utilities on the system which im sure is not used anymore, so if i cant get it going by the end of the day, i shall recommend a format and clean install.

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