Win 98SE start-up failure

  mousey 10:15 15 Aug 2003

Recently my pc has refused to start up windows properly and only reaches the blue desktop screen but wont bring up any icons or the start button/toolbar and I can only shutdown by switching off the machine. If I use the DOS prompt method of starting windows the system works alright but is slower than normal and a brief image flashes on the toolbar called shellexp then disappears. I have tried re-booting with the WIN98 disk in but this hasn't made any difference, nor has re-installing.

Has anybody out there got any ideas?

thanks for your time.

  woodchip 11:05 15 Aug 2003

If you have created at boot startup disc, put the disc in and start computer let it run until it gets to A:\> then type SYS /C:

it should look like this

A:\>sys c: press enter

  mousey 12:58 15 Aug 2003

Thanks woodchip but after following your advice nothing seems to have improved in anyway and it wouldn't even let me return to C:\, I had to switch off and start up again - going from the DOS prompt to get back into windows. If you have any further ideas please advise me as this is becoming annoying. Many thanks for previous response.

  woodchip 16:37 15 Aug 2003

Start with floppy disc at A:\> type Scanreg/Restore pick an old date. The SYS C: that you ran reloaded the system files from the floppy disc.

  wiznyme 17:10 15 Aug 2003

If that doesn't work and it is getting to the point were you'd expect to see the start button & toolbars try this.

Boot to safe mode (hold down F8 key while booting) go to start/ run type in msconfig go to the startup tab and untick everything listed.

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