Win 98se setup problem

  hirdid 08:44 27 Apr 2005

I have recently purchased Win98se for my Compaq laptop win2000 pro is too slow on it, when I tried to run setup up it ran but very slowly more than 60 mins for 2 % I aborted it win 98 installs np any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:49 27 Apr 2005

You need to give details of your hardware - processor, ram, hard disk and so forth.

  hirdid 09:20 27 Apr 2005

I have a pentium 3 600mz
12gb hard drive
64 ram
it has been ntfs but ive reformatted to fat32

  octal 10:40 27 Apr 2005

For that spec machine I would have expected it to have completely installed by 60 minutes. Did you manage to reclaim the whole 12GB back from NTFS, the only other thing I can think of is there maybe a problem with the RAM, does the BIOS pick it up correctly on bootup?

  hirdid 11:47 27 Apr 2005

I dont see the boot sequence its just Compaq logo

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