Win 98Se max memory

  jack 10:18 19 Aug 2005

I have search for this topic in the Left hand search filed and got 2 answers listed.
However ukintellitxt, is playing games this morning and is not delivering the goods.

I have rebuilt to 64bit MoBo[Foxconn K8S 766A]
This has 3 memory slots and will take 128/256/512
184/ddr/dimm up to 3GB[ which when you think of it it will never reach its max]
Because I have problems with an XP reload at the moment I have reverted to 98SE pro Tem
I have 4 x512 chips available.
However if I load 3 512's the system boot to safe mode, and will only run on 2x512-1 Gb]
So it seems as if this may be the 98SE max board capacity not withstanding.
Is this so?

  seedie 10:33 19 Aug 2005

is happy with 512M but no more really. Have read somewhere that if you fiddle with win.ini it'll take 700 something. Sorry can't be more specific.


  griffon 56 13:00 19 Aug 2005

Hi jack, Win989SE will take 768 if the mobo is good for it. I believe you can get RAM limits from Crucial's or Kingston's Memory Finder program online.

  Chegs ® 13:13 19 Aug 2005

Its also stated,that 98se can be persuaded to run with more than 512Mbs/768Mbs(depending on where your reading)by adding "MaxPageFile=30000" to the .ini file.I tried this with 1Gb RAM,and yes it works(sort of)but the errors were a laugh(Insufficient Resources!)when trying to run an app,or simply refusing to load any new software.98se is happiest with 512Mbs,can be coaxed into running more,but its not worth the effort.(Although there is a PCA postee with 98se and 3Gbs who claims it runs happily)

  jack 20:05 19 Aug 2005

Thank you all for that info, chaps
As I hope this will be but a tempory set up - I'll live with 512 for now.

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