Win 98/ME shutdown

  wossie 13:11 15 Feb 2003

I just built a PC using a Gigabyte GA-6VTXE and installed Win 98. I updated all the usual stuff, but when shuting down it restarts, I upgraded to Win ME and the problem is the same. I have just re formatted the drive and installed 98 to try again. Any Ideas.

  Stuartli 13:29 15 Feb 2003

Try some research on these Microsoft Technet links:

click here=

  professor 15:56 15 Feb 2003

if you used the "update files" that is your problem(inotherwords you installed 98 when going from an older version of windows) all you need to do to fix it is as you said format disk
(FORMAT C: /U) then install 98 directly if its an update disk it will ask for a full version of a previous windows give it that then continue with setup as normal when its all done it will shutdown fine-or should i say it should shutdown fine


  wossie 15:32 16 Feb 2003

Thanks for replying, but if you took the time to read the request you would have seen that the PC is newly built and did not have an older O/S. It was a fresh install of 98, the prog's I updated were Internet Explorer, Microsoft installer etc. I also installed some Win 98 updates I had from the offical site, I upgraded to ME to see if it solved the problem (it didn't) as Win 98 has a lot ot problems with startup and shut down and a lot of other things, the problem remained. I had just reinstalled Win 98 when I put in the request in case anyone had a solution, like disable fast shut down etc. Anyway to cut to the chase, It was the modem causing a hardware conflict, changed the modem for another make and bingo, solved. Thanks again. Wossie

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