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  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 18:43 22 Mar 2004

Will win 98 work while the hard drive is formatted to NTFS for xp, does XP automatically create a partition that is kept for FAT32, now i have tried to put both OS's on one drive the only way i did this was to format the dive and install Win98 first is this the best and easiest way?

  Smiler 19:08 22 Mar 2004

This link used to take you to a posting that would explain how but it seems to have disappeared. Is this another "improvement" of the new site?

  Smiler 19:08 22 Mar 2004

click here

forgot to include the link Duhh!!!!

that link takes me in a circle back here

  GaT7 19:44 22 Mar 2004

Would info here answer your query -;en-us;Q306559

  temp003 04:06 23 Mar 2004

You seem to have done this before, so I'm not sure what help you need exactly.

Do you mean your hard drive is now formatted with NTFS (presumably with XP on it), and you want to create a dual boot between 98 and XP?

Yes, the easiest way (without using third party software) is to install 98 first on a FAT32 partition, and then install XP on a separate partition (could be either FAT32 or NTFS, but must be FAT32 if you want to access the XP partition from Windows 98).

If your C partition is now on NTFS, you will need to delete the existing NTFS partition, create a new smallish partition and format it in FAT32, for installing 98 first. Then install XP in a separate partition.

You can boot up with a 98 floppy, use fdisk to delete the NTFS partition (called non-DOS partition), then create primary partition for 98, create a second primary partition (preferably larger) for XP, format C, install 98 to C. Then install XP to D.

Note if your partition for XP is larger than 32GB and you want to use FAT32, you must use the 98 floppy or Windows 98 itself to format the 2nd partition (in FAT32) before installing XP to it, as XP cannot format a partition larger than 32GB with FAT32.

If you don't want to start all over again with installing XP and its programs, you can use Partition Magic to find space to create another primary partition, format in FAT32, install 98 there, install Bootmagic to the 98 partition, and use Bootmagic to dual boot.

  temp003 05:30 23 Mar 2004

Also, if you use fdisk to create 2 primary partitions at the same time, remember to set the 1st primary partition (where 98 is to be installed) as active.

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