Win 98 unable to De frag

  User-324448 13:28 17 May 2004

I was asked by a member at the little computer club where I help out, to call and sort out his Windows 98 computer, its cluttered with Graffics,photos and farm accounts and is very very slow.I tried to defrag it but the system fails to respond. What the problem? Prof

  MichelleC 13:34 17 May 2004

98 likes defrag in safemode, but I'd run scandsic 1st (also in safemode).

  bab5 13:36 17 May 2004


Is there any progames running in the background while your trying to defrag ??

This includeds anti-virus,screen savers etc.

Try doing it like this, disable screen savers/power saver.

Then Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
Close all running proceses apart from Explorer and Systray.

Then try the defrag,

failing that try running it in safe mode.


  anchor 14:05 17 May 2004

Try safe mode; that should help.

Also, you could try Diskeeper Lite, much better, and free.

click here

  User-324448 16:19 17 May 2004

When I next go to see him I will try all your suggestions Thanks. I didnt mention that the computer club is for Stroke and head injured people, they are all doing well with their computers and now have started to extract knowlege from me which I havnt really got, but I need to learn quickly. Any way what are you doing at your computers on such a lovely day?? Thanks again Prof.

  Diemmess 17:58 17 May 2004

If you can scrounge a copy of Defrag.exe from a Windows ME system and substitute that (Actually a slightly smaller file) then once things are running again it should defrag more quickly

  Valvegrid 19:44 17 May 2004

You can download a copy of the ME defrag tool from here:

click here

  wee eddie 20:54 17 May 2004

If he has Norton Utilities: This will not allow him to access Windows - Defrag.

Remember to turn off the "Screen Saver" before you start to Defrag.

If no defrag has been done for a considerable period of time it makes sense to clear the "Recycle Bin" and also the "Temporary Internet Files" (This can take quite a while), before beginning the Defrag.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:59 17 May 2004

click here EndItAll will solve your problems easily and for nothing. It is also useful for closing down unecessary programmes whilst burning CDs.


  User-324448 08:55 18 May 2004

I will nip over to see him next week and have another go, he has got Norton Anti Virus and has a problem getting onto the Internet but thats another story, I will download the bits and bobs yove all suggested and take them with me. Prof.

  Dr Lecter 16:46 18 May 2004

I have Nortons utilities installed and my Windows defrag works ok . Maybe i am the lucky one

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