win 98 starts in dos rather than windows

  rsturbo 01:14 08 Sep 2003

how can i get my win 98 machine to boot straight into windows rather than a dos prompt, where i than have to type 'win' to boot into windows?

thanks for any help

  Megatyte 01:44 08 Sep 2003

From your DOS prompt type "edit autoexec.bat"(without the quotes)

In the page that opens add this line to the bottom..


Press(in turn) alt, f, x.

When prompted save the changes.



  rsturbo 22:45 08 Sep 2003

is there a setting in windows that sorts this? i looked in a friends w98 m/c and found no copy of this command in his a/exec.bat file?

thanks for the response

  Switcher 22:53 08 Sep 2003

In the Root directory I.E. c:\ there is a file called MSDOS.sys.

This file contains a line BOOTGUI=

IF BOOTGUI=0 the pc will start in DOS

IF BOOTGUI=1 the PC will start in Windows

It actually always starts in DOS and either stops there or goes on into windows depending on BOOTGUI=

MSDOS.sys is a SYSTEM,HIDDEN, READ ONLY FILE and these attributes have to be removed to edit the File.

THE normal setting is BOOTGUI=1

  Switcher 23:02 08 Sep 2003

There are utilities such as BOOT 95 or TWEAKUI which will allow you to determine whether your PC boots to DOS or GUI(Windows)

I use WIN98se and always boot to DOS since I use DOS Comms and Spreadsheet programs regularly and simply enter win to go to windows.

  rsturbo 12:58 09 Sep 2003

thank goodness for pca and its forumites!

seriously; thanks for your help

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