Win 98 slide show??

  muddypaws 22:15 16 Aug 2003

Have burned CDR from 'my pictures' from Win XP.
Managed to open it on another machine running Win 98, but only able apparently to view pics individually. Which is a bit time consuming with 300 pic!. Anybody know if there is a 'slide show' option on 98. Couldn't find one myself.Thanks.

  Stuartli 22:19 16 Aug 2003

If you download the first class free viewer Irfanview, there is a slideshow option.

I use it as the default viewer for Windows98SE.

  muddypaws 22:28 16 Aug 2003

Stuartli. Thanks for that. So if he runs the CDR with Irfanview as default will it come up alongside all the pic icons or is it necessary to select anything once the CDR is running.
Have you link for Irfanview? if not I will search. Seem to remember seeing it mentioned on PCA recently. Cheers

  muddypaws 09:51 17 Aug 2003

GANDALF . Thanks for that. Probably wont want to run it as default. So run CDR/select irfanview and presumably the viewing window comes up similar to other players with the slide show option. Anything else to do or does it start automatically? Sorry to ask for such small details, but my brother's brain begins to spin at this stage!! Muddypaws.

  hssutton 10:16 17 Aug 2003

If you require a more simple solution try uleads freeware program. click here

  Stuartli 11:57 17 Aug 2003

Like GANDALF <|:-)> I use the program as the default viewer - it's a wonderful utility.

But Irfanview does a lot more than just display picture images - it can also be used, for instance, as a CD player or for screening video clips; relaying information on when picture files were taken, whether flash was used, the actual exposure, resolution details and even the make and model of the digital camera used.

Full details are listed within the utility itself as to its many features, although playing around with it will reveal many of them.

For instance if you are looking through a folder of pix images, you can advance to the next one by clicking on the right hand arrow in the header (the number of pix and the one on display are detailed alongside e.g. 2/28 or 15/28).

If a pic file is too small/large to view when first loaded, the +/- symbols can be used to resize it.

As has been pointed out, Irfanview is very versatile, but don't forget to also download the plug-ins to make the most of it....:-)

  muddypaws 14:22 17 Aug 2003

Thanks GANDALF and hssutton for the info and link. Will have a look at uleads as well.
I'll give Irfanview a try in view of its scope. My brother really just wants something simple for a slide show, so will see how both compare.
Think you both have solved the query, but will leave open till tomorrow in case of anything else being suggested.

  muddypaws 15:54 17 Aug 2003

horiz5. Another handy option. Many thanks.

  muddypaws 19:40 17 Aug 2003

Gandalf. Downloaded Irfanview. Seems OK. Have run slideshows from my files. Now ( the silly season again) if my brother runs my CDR burned on Win XP and selects Irfanview ( not as default) will it automatically play or if not what comes up on screen and what does he click on? Does he have to go My comp/CD drive or some other action. I do wish I wasn't so ignorant!! What did you say??! Cheers.

  muddypaws 21:50 18 Aug 2003

Brother has downloaded Infraview. Played my XP jpg CDR ,but nothing happens/opens. What aren't we doing? Can't find any CD drive buttons in programme.

  muddypaws 21:52 18 Aug 2003

For any newcomers to the thread -- trying to play CDR burned on XP to play on win 98.

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