Win 98 shutdown loop puzzle

  avesnes 09:08 25 May 2006

1) During shutdown the computer stopped at the "Windows is shutting down" screen. (This occasionally occurs and pressing "Enter" usually clears it and shutdown finishes.)

2) Last night before pressing "Enter", the wife calls out that she needs to use the computer so, trying to be clever, I press "Ctrl,Alt,Delete" thinking this will cause an immediate restart( no need to shutdown completely and reboot).

3) Computer shuts down completely and I reboot but as the desktop completes this message appears:-
"Windows Registry Checker
Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. Windows will restart and repair the system registry for you.

4) I click "OK", the computer shutsdown, restarts and again, as the desktop completes, the message re-appears. Tried once again but the machine seems to be in a loop.

5) In my papers I found a print of a Microsoft Knowledge Base article "How to manually restore the Windows 98/Me Registry".

6) Following the article, I choose "Safe Mode Command Prompt Only" and at the C prompt, I type in "cd\windows\command" and press "Enter".

7) At this point the C prompt is supposed to re-appear(in order to type "scanreg /restore") but after the "Enter" in 6) above, what shows is:
C:\ CD\WINDOWS|COMMAND and I could not get to the plain C prompt as required for the "scanreg /restore" instruction.

At this point I felt that I was out of my depth!!

Apologies for the length of this posting, but any thoughts/clues/guidance would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  denali 09:18 25 May 2006

To get to the C prompt. At A:\ Type C:\ and press enter

  avesnes 09:26 25 May 2006

Thanks for your reply, but I'm a bit puzzled because I don't think I ever saw A:\ during the process.(?) or am I missing something obvious?

  denali 09:32 25 May 2006

avesnes: Do you have a boot floppy

  avesnes 09:48 25 May 2006

Yes, I have and I'm now on your wavelength. As I've never had to use the boot floppy before, I assume the disk is placed in the A drive before switching on the computer?


  denali 09:50 25 May 2006

avesnes: Yes but make sure your bios is set to boot from floppy first

  denali 09:52 25 May 2006

avesnes: Yes but make sure your bios is set to boot from floppy first

  denali 09:55 25 May 2006

avesnes: If it works. from the options choose without CD support. At the A:\ Prompt type scanreg /restore

  avesnes 10:09 25 May 2006

OK, I'll have a go tonight (I'm at work at the moment) and I'm in France over the weekend. I will let you know the outcome but in the mean time, many thanks for your help and advice - it's much apprciated.

Best regards

(P.S. "avesnes" is the name of the little village where I'll be over the weekend)

  denali 10:15 25 May 2006

avesnes: Have a nice weekend. One small point. If that option does not work, again at the A:\ prompt type sys C:

  avesnes 09:43 01 Jun 2006

Just to complete the story......I tried using my own boot disk to no avail. "Bad command or file name" kept appearing so I tried your "sys C:" suggestion which produced "system transferred" message. From then on the "Bad command..." message appeared after anything that I typed.

I then tried another forum search for "boot disk", went to the recommended click here, downloaded the win98 file and followed their instructions as to extracting files onto a floppy.

That floppy worked first time using your instructions.

Once again, denali, many thanks for your help and expertise.

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