win 98 se what do the beeps mean

  fatttttty 17:37 27 Nov 2004

pc is beeping on start up after i moved my tower.
The fan comes on but the moniter does not show anything, It just spins the HD.
Then beeps 12/13 times in total ,I have tried to reseat the memory and cards, No joy any help much app nobby.

  Rayuk 17:41 27 Nov 2004

click here
beep codes.
Are they long short quick slow etc could be sequence repeating itself.

  Rayuk 17:43 27 Nov 2004

Check all cables are fully eated as well

  Rayuk 17:44 27 Nov 2004

Sorry A little hungry at present

  fatttttty 18:09 27 Nov 2004

Reseated memory and the beeping stopped now it poweres up but nothing is coming up on screen
ps fancy fish and chips myself

  Rayuk 18:40 27 Nov 2004

Just had that with peas.
Reseat the graphics card make sure it is firmly down.

  QuickHare 19:01 27 Nov 2004

The point of the beeps is to allow an engineer to know what is wrong with the computer without any of the plugged in chips or boards working (ie graphics cards, memory, keyboards, PCI cards, sound card or otherwise).

The beeps are of a certain pattern, known as "beep codes". The pattern of the beeps allow the engineer to work out the fault.

The beeps are produced from the BIOS through the PC speaker (an extra, basic speaker you hardly hear these days). Depending on the BIOS type, you can look up the codes in your engineer's handbook/notes, online or through the manufacturer's helpline.

To describe the beeps, simply time them. The durations of beeps and gaps are measured in seconds, so nothing too fiddly. Simply say "beep of 2secs, followed by a gap of 1sec" or whatever it is.

I hope this helps many people with problems with motherboards/mainboards which are beeping at them wildly.

And remember: If the processor isn't seated correctly of absent altogether, there won't be any beeps, no signals, nothing. The processor must be working correctly before anything else will work!

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