win 98 se upgrade

  cazkenton2003 20:47 26 Jun 2003

Have purchased a copy of win98 to upgrade win95.This cd refuses to play on my cd-rom drive.I tried it on my other pc,which is running winNT 4.0 and still wont load.I have 48mb ram in this and 16mb(dont laugh) in the other,both with 1.0GB HDD.Have I got enough memory to actually install 98?
Secondly,is it just my rom drive?.Have played loads of copied audio cds with no probs before,but refuses to play this one,along with another copied disk.My pc has never had a prob before,although it is old but shouldnt affect the installation should it
Any response is greatly appreciated before I throw my tower out the window in frustration!

  Jester2K II 20:49 26 Jun 2003

Just open the CD in Windows Explorer and double click on setup.exe

Is it a legal copy??

  cazkenton2003 21:39 26 Jun 2003

it just spins in the tray and the error message is D:\ device is not ready

no its not a legal copy,does this make any difference?.I do have a product key number but it just won't play

Wait for the flack -

Your thread will be pulled as soon as the FE sees it. This is not the place to discuss illegal software and rightly so.

In any event, Win 98 is known for is bloated space consuming size and it is doubtful if it will run on your PC without a great deal of problems or leaving no space for any other programs.

Bite the bullet, buy a new (or secondhand) PC and get a legal copy of the software. Problem solved.

  cazkenton2003 22:53 26 Jun 2003

don't want to discuss illegal copies,I just wanted to know why the cd won't play in my rom!

  woodchip 23:19 26 Jun 2003

It may be your CD Drive is too old to read the format that the Win98 is in. This can be a problem also with new drives. that?s why it's better to have separate CDRW and DVD if it does not play in one it will sometimes play in the other. I have even had CD's that the CDRW had difficulty reading to install, and have copied to a CDR and it could read that

  Jester2K II 23:52 26 Jun 2003

no its not a legal copy,does this make any difference?.I do have a product key number but it just won't play


  Stuartli 00:14 27 Jun 2003

cazkenton2003 states clearly that he has purchased the Win98 disk.

Either the disk or the CD-ROM drive is faulty - Win98 is old enough now for the majority of drives to read the installation disk without problems.

If it is a legal version as you infer then you should return it as not being fit for its purpose.

Third post from top -

"no its not a legal copy,does this make any difference?.

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