Win 98 SE over the top re-install

  Greengage 17:31 19 Apr 2005

I've been having some minor problems with my PC -running Win98SE, 512mb ram, 80Gb hard drive - and having tried sfc without success to correct, decided to re-install Win98 over the top ie not clean install. The install gets to the stage when PC needs to re-boot when I get a blue screen message "fatal exception OE has occurred at 017F:BFF8976B, current application will be terminated" I press any key and then get message "invalid VXD dynamic link call from VWIN32(01) & 0000714 to drive.0009 serial windows config is invalid, run windows set up again - to continue may make PC unstable" I get this everytime I try and install. I might add that one of the problems I have been trying to cure is related to Windows Installer. I have been trying to install Windows Up-date Net Framework but get the message " set up cannot access windows installer components, set up cannot continue". Have been on Microsoft site (and others) trying to cure this particular problem without success, even when downloading Net Framework separately I still get the unable to install message although I believe Installer is properly loaded. I have tried certain of the solutions under Microsoft 315346 regarding Win Installer but no success. Having said all this, the PC installs other programs but not Net Framework. I believe that by reinstalling Win 98 this might cure this problem as well as a few other minor ones but Win 98 will not install. Any help would be greatly appreciated although my case is not serious as the PC seems to work OK in other regards.

  Greengage 19:04 20 Apr 2005

Anyone, please?

  Greengage 11:34 21 Apr 2005


  BBW 11:53 21 Apr 2005

I'm not sure if it is related, but WIN98SE will give problems if the memory is greater than 384Mb
[256 + 128 'sticks'] This has been recorded and will give many problems not related. I run 384 Mb on WIN98SE for many years until I upgraded to WIN2000 which can operate with greater memory.

  Greengage 12:06 21 Apr 2005

Thanks for your view BBW. I do run Win 98 SE with 512mb memory on my other PC but do not suffer any problems - I will, however, try out your suggestion if no other ideas are forthcoming. Thanks.

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