Win 98 se install problem

  Mavisk 16:45 07 Jul 2005

I'm trying to reinstall win 98 se for a friend,
I've used f disk to delete and create a partition and have formatted the c drive .
Win 98 then installs ok till it gets to the point
where it has to reboot and says windows is starting for the first time.
It then just freezes and nothing happens.
The pc is about 5 years old but has been working ok until now.
Any ideas what could be the problem.

  Mandy265 18:59 07 Jul 2005

Try rebooting in safe mode, it might just be a driver problem.
Question - why did you need to reinstall?

  Carronade 19:41 07 Jul 2005


  Mavisk 08:25 08 Jul 2005

Hi,Thanks for your replies
Sorry about the delay, I wasn't around last night.
The reason for the reinstall was because his PC was
running very slowly,and after trying all the usual stuff we decided a clean reinstall was the way to go.
If I start up in safe mode the PC locks up just the same.
I tried booting from the cd and reinstalling windows that way, instead of the start up disk,and I got a little bit further,past the part where you enter your name and the win 98 id number.
It then says windows is searching its database for drivers and then the PC just freezes.
I tried a different win 98se disc but the same thing happenned.

  Graham ® 08:58 08 Jul 2005

Just to keep you bubbling near the top, my impression is there is a fundamental fault with the hardware. Difficult to diagnose, substitution with known good parts may be the only way.

Memory may be a good place to start.

  TTP 09:26 08 Jul 2005

Id try taking ALL expansion cards (ie modem/gfx card) out (whilst powered down) and anything you dont need stright off ie cd/dvd writer (youll need a cd-rom drive and a floppy drive though) then FDISK / SCANDISK etc then start again with a basic setup.Win98 starts throwing toys out the pram at the slightest things ie decent gfx cards or obscure pci cards. Hope this helps.

  scotty 09:29 08 Jul 2005

Have you added any hardware to the pc since you bought it (e.g. monitor, graphics card)?

  Mavisk 15:17 08 Jul 2005

No hardware has been added to this pc since it was
bought,I know it has onboard graphics and sound, 64meg of ram,and a modem, not too sure what else.
I'll have a look inside and see what I can see,and maybe swap some stuff about.
Thanks for all your input.

  Diemmess 15:47 08 Jul 2005

... and have formatted the c drive"

Probably not the cause but worth checking. First, Running FDISK should show the partiton/s and that C: is the Primary partition and made Active.

If you have used FDISK and FORMAT C: then make sure that on booting from the floppy you can access C: and any other partition that you have made.

At the A:> prompt type Dir C: (and press Enter) this, depending on how much of the aborted Windows remains, should show at least one folder and summarise the space left on the drive.

If C: or any other partitions are empty the screen should at least tell you "No file Found" and how much space there is.

This may not solve your problem, but unless the HD is correctly prepared, head-banging might become a nuisance!

  Mavisk 15:57 08 Jul 2005

I've already had a look inside the PC, reseated the ram, removed the modem,and cleaned a lot of dust out,and am at present reinstalling windows,if it fails again,I'll have a look at what you've suggested regarding Fdisk and the C drive.
Many thanks.

  woodchip 16:13 08 Jul 2005

take out all hardware cards like Modem, tv cards, and pull all the plugs for printers scanners etc. you just need the basic like the one Hard Drive you are putting 98 on, Memory floppy and CD drive and Graphics card left in. If it then still does it suspect Weak PSU or Fan not keeping the CPU cool

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