Win 98 reprieve

  Smiler 14:49 13 Jan 2004

Good news for win 98 users click here

  tafoody 15:03 13 Jan 2004

consumerwatch thread click here

  Smiler 15:31 13 Jan 2004

Not everyone (Myself included) reads the consumer watch section.

  tafoody 15:44 13 Jan 2004

i know, thats why i put a link.

  Pidder 18:19 13 Jan 2004

Hadn't seen these reports. Great news.

  Hoseman 18:41 13 Jan 2004

Why do they abbreviate Microsoft as M$?

Its probably something to do with the article saying they changed their minds so they can stop developing nations choosing cheaper open source operating systems like Linux is probably why. :)

Never mind that they have millions of customers who bought their products. Cynical point of view I know but anyway its good news for people still using this os.

  bremner 18:51 13 Jan 2004

"Not everyone (Myself included) reads the consumer watch section"

You and they don't know what your missing. Many an interesting and thought provoking discussion takes place in there.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:54 13 Jan 2004

At the risk of repeating myself....even if MS did stop 'support' for 98 there are hundreds of sites that will hold all the patches etc. I used 98 for 5 years and NEVER downloaded any 'updates'. You don't need them and they will still be easily available should you feel the need.

This is no more of a problem than wondering what the weather is going to be like in July 2005.


  john-232317 20:00 13 Jan 2004

GANDALF <|:-)>

Its going to be HOT HOT HOT where i am ;_))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:14 13 Jan 2004

...looking forward to the fires of Hades then? ;-)))


  john-232317 23:25 13 Jan 2004

Not quite, just Spain ;-)it was 28 in the shade today on the terrace where we were working.

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