Win 98 Recycle Bin - Showing no files!!

  TonyV 20:23 12 Oct 2003

I use WIN 98 SE, and generally run with no real problems. However, I have noticed now that the Recycle Bin shows empty. I know there should be files there, but any files I add during a session on the machine are lost when I switch off and reboot. (I'm not sure when the problem started because I do not enter it very often since once deleted, I tend to let those files lay dormant. But it is a useful back stop in the event of problems!!)

I've been through the Recycle Bin Search in PC Advisor, and have not seen an answer to this problem.

Therefore, is there anyone out there who can tell me how to reinstall that particular facility from the original WIN98 SE Disk?



  TonyV 20:44 12 Oct 2003


Thanks for your comment, but all the settings on my Recycle Bin are such that it should accept all deleted files!! I know they are there, but they steadfastly refuse to show, hence my reason for trying to find out how to reinstall that function.


  woodchip 21:14 12 Oct 2003

Right click on empty desktop Properties\Effects and click on the Recycle bin then click default icon, do this with both full and empty bin

  TonyV 08:51 13 Oct 2003

Christmascracker & Woodchip

Many thanks. I seem back working again now!



  TonyV 20:58 26 Oct 2003

On my Recycle Bin Properties Window, I note that on the C Tab, the Size of Drive is listed as 1.99GB. with a figure of 204mb for the Space reserved. (I've set it at 10% for all drives). If I have a 15GB Hard Disk, where does this 1.99 figure come from? And is this the reason that my Recycle Bin still seems to be emptying it self on a regular basis. As a matter of interest, the free space is on the drive is 12.16gb (11.3gb actual).

Any one any suggestions?



  woodchip 21:11 26 Oct 2003

No idea Mine is just set to 10% on the Global Recycle Bin

  TonyV 22:30 26 Oct 2003

As is mine!


  woodchip 22:46 26 Oct 2003

Have you tried the above again what I suggested. as it can happen more than once. As there may be files in it. Have you tried clicking on the icon in Explorer to check for files

  woodchip 22:47 26 Oct 2003

If files are above a certain size they do not go into the bin

  TonyV 23:29 26 Oct 2003


Yes, I've tried it all. At the moment it seems OK, but for no reason, it appears to empty it self as though it has a time limit on it!

I'll leave it for a while and see if it is still emptying of its own accord. If so, I'll get back on this forum.

Thanks for your assistance.


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