win 98 re-install

  Hitch-Hiker 10:02 04 Sep 2003

can i re-install win98se2 over the top of it's self or not?

  TBH1 10:12 04 Sep 2003


  seedie 10:17 04 Sep 2003

Yes no problem; done it several times.

Put CDROM in and choose browse CD and look for setup.exe in win98 folder

  Legolas 10:18 04 Sep 2003

Yes there should be no problem doing this. You should not lose any files/programmes you already have on yout computer, all a reinstall does is copy a new install of 98 over the old one.

  Hitch-Hiker 10:19 04 Sep 2003

Yhanks for all your comments I will just wait for a few more before I begin.

  Belatucadrus 10:32 04 Sep 2003

There's no guarantee however that it will fix whatever problem is making you consider this step, that may take a full reformat. But it is worth trying.

  Diemmess 12:00 04 Sep 2003

As Belatucadrus says there is no certainty that it will solve the problems making you think about this step.

Resetting Windows may in fact do very little because the system has a habit of not overwriting existing files, so the baddies may stay.

Wise after the event, when it gets "that bad" it is handy to have an "image file" made in happier days which will overwrite all the creaky stuff (good as well as bad). This takes much less time than a new installation of Win98SE and recovers the drivers and installed programmes as well.

If you don't have this life-saver then at least you have time to rescue all data and stored downloads before wiping the slate and putting an shiny new o/s back on your drive.

  Gee Tee 19:38 04 Sep 2003

will all updates remain intact

  Diemmess 16:07 05 Sep 2003

Updates will stay if you are using an overwrite method, but as the last two have said - so will the unwanted stuff.

Obviously if you start again with a format and fresh installation you will have to find the useful updates all over again.

That is the beauty of an "Image file" which will truly be up to date.

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