Win 98 problems

  JoJoh 10:46 17 Jan 2005

Hi - I have this weekend had a problem with my Win 98 programme. Somehow, a malaware programme or virus hijacked my computer even though I had Norton Antivirus loaded.

I have run adaware and other programmes including reg cleaners and think that I have managed to eradicate the problem. I have also run SFC and found no problems. However, now I cannot re-load Norton Anti-virus. I have been onto the Symantec website and done all they have said but still it will not load properly. It does load but will not open. I have installed and uninstalled at least 20 times this weekend.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do as I don't really want to reload windows and don't know if this will even fix the problem. Is therte such a programme as win98 fix that can solve such problems?

  Graham ® 10:55 17 Jan 2005

Scan with A-Squared:

click here

  JoJoh 12:13 17 Jan 2005

Thanks Graham
However, as I explained I have already run this type of programme to get rid of the these. I believe that I now need a Win 98 SE correction type programme as I can't load programmes.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:18 17 Jan 2005

Well try a win98 install over the current install. You should not lose any data but be sure to have a backup before going ahead.

  mattyc_92 14:47 17 Jan 2005

as Diodorus Siculus said.. Just re-install windows over the current one!!!

****NOTE: You SHOULDN'T lose ANY data, but to be on the safe side, I would advise coping the data onto another storage device (as Diodorus Siculus said in his/her post!!!)*******

  JoJoh 17:32 17 Jan 2005

Thanks all. I really wanted to avoid re-installing windows as it will take up more space on my hard disk. Is there no other way of checking windows for errors?

  VoG II 17:37 17 Jan 2005

If you do an "over the top" installation it will just replace current Windows files with fresh copies. It won't take up any more disk space.

  JoJoh 17:43 17 Jan 2005

How do I do an "over the top" installation? Normally I would just load the disk and and then load windows.

  Pidder 18:29 17 Jan 2005

VoG™ knows better than me, but wouldn't SFC be an easier alternative, presuming you have the installation C.D.?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:37 17 Jan 2005

"I have also run SFC and found no problems."

Pidder - in the first posting! :-)

  mosfet 18:37 17 Jan 2005

Boot from cd rom first.At menu choose "start with cd suport".Not "from hdd"

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