Win 98 PC Shutdown

  Den 16:19 04 Jan 2004

I have a PC with win 98SE O?S.ATX case and PS, ie remote mains on/off. It used to shut down normally (swithing off the PS mains). Now it just goes to the MS message, 'it is now safe to switch off your PC' I then have to hold the main on/off switch button for 8 secs or so when it will all close down as normal. Have searched the BIOS and all Win Power options. Anyone help please.

  Gongoozler 16:27 04 Jan 2004

Hi Den. There are many possible causes of bad shutdown in Windows 98-
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If it has recently started to happen, then perhaps you have recently installed some software that is hanging. Also if you have installed Norton Antivirus, perhaps you have floppy disk checking at shutdown enabled.

If you are having to hold the off button in for several seconds, you probably have the BIOS set to do this (Soft-Off by PWRBTN in Power Management Setup)

  Den 20:03 04 Jan 2004

Thanks Gongoozler For all that info but I have infact tried most things. It's not that Windows hangs bacause the O/S closes down OK, it's just that the PS does not switch off. The message and procedure is just like pre ATX M/B days before we had 'soft' power pack on/off switching. Again thanks for your help. What I think I am looking for is a registry entry to be added or something like that. KRs Den

  Gongoozler 21:06 04 Jan 2004

Hi Den. This is a common Windows 98 shutdown situation. I last came across just the same problem when I fitted a faster hard drive in my Daughter's computer. I never did find the solution until recently I fitted a new motherboard and processor to overcome a different problem, and it now shuts down perfectly. I think the problem with Windows 98 is that it was written in the days when 200M was a fast processor, and modern hardware is just too fast for it.

  Den 21:47 04 Jan 2004

Hi Gongoozler

Thanks again, I guess you are right, you get some odd things happening with what on the face of it are identical setups but have different problems. I will tell my friend that he will have to 'hold the button. (the BIOS has no control over the sw off delay).

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