win 98 or xp?

  kezmo 19:58 09 May 2003

im currently using windows 98 2nd edition but i have all the disks to install windows xp which is the better of the two? and can i just run xp over my 98 without buggering up my pc?

you might run into problems if you have less than 128 mb of memory, xp is fairly hungry that way. xp is undoubtably better and 98 will be unsupported by microsoft soon.
back up all your personal files and the installers for any downloaded programs then do a clean instal of xp.

first though put the xp cd in theres an option in the menu to check the system compatability

  deecee50 20:45 09 May 2003

If you dont want to play games or if you want to lose all your info on a fairly regularly basis with irrecoverable system crashes or if you dont want to be able to use all your old programs or certain pieces of older hardware and your machine has a processor greater than 500mghz with a minimum of 256 mem then definately go for XP.

Stay with 98 , its still the best that is why there is a dealer driven market for 2nd user licenced copies .

  woodchip 20:51 09 May 2003

If Win98 works for you why change???? Most of the bug's can be dealt with in 98 can that be said about XP

  ton 20:56 09 May 2003

98 for me, no problems with it.

  JFT 20:59 09 May 2003

Kezmo if you have more than 256mb and fairly powerful PC Xp is the only way to go.Its the only windows OS worth upgrading from 98se, just make sure you have service pack 1 installed and once you have installed Xp visit microsoft and get the available Hotfixes. I have been using Xp since release with ZERO probs so far!!
Hope this helps!

  BeeWee 21:03 09 May 2003

if there is a choice...go for xp...i upgraded about a month ago and haven't looked back. i haven't had 1 crash. freeze up or glitch....go for it ...there really is no choice!!

  woodchip 21:04 09 May 2003

The difference is Software Hardware and Drivers Plus I do not know what else. Particularly if the comp is getting on a bit

  3Toed 21:28 09 May 2003

I like both operating systems,but if pushed would prefer xp-it seems more stable,and as mentioned previously,you need a fair specced machine-doesn't need to be top dog,hardrive space is the more important.Noticed deecee50 mentioned about'if you dont wish to play games'-maybe deecee50's had a bad experience(or maybe dc's talking about older generation games)),but my son (and sometimes myself)enjoy playing many varying games using xp-no problems.But at the end of the day-its your choice!

  bobbyc 21:40 09 May 2003

i was a 98 die hard until a few of my mates made me install it on there ps's.
its more stable than 98 the only prob's you might incure are hardware ? scanner modem printer and cards. check first for compatability
it will install over 98 i have done it a few times on upgrades but take warning what all the other threads are saying about memory hungry xp

  keith-236785 21:44 09 May 2003

XP wins for me but as stated some older games will NOT work under xp because XP does not have DOS so before you upgrade do a quick check on all your software eg games, Office, Other utils because you may have to either replace them or forget about them, Carmageddan splat pack doesnt work nor did worms 2 though there is a new version of both available ( but that means buying again) choice is yours but XP offers much more than win98

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