Win 98 installation

  Young Ranger 13:28 19 Feb 2004

I'm trying to instal win 98 on a PC that dosen't have an operating system. When I put the Win 98 boot disc in I get the message:

MSCDEX version 2.25
Drive Z: = Driver OEMCD001 unit 0
Bad Command or file name

When I add setup.exe I get the message "This program requires Microsoft Windows."

If I type D: setup.exe I get "inavalid drive specification"

I have never come across drive Z: before ?

I have another boot disc (Downloaded a few years ago) that recognises drive D: but I still get
"This program requires Microsoft Windows."

Any sugestions please.

  LastChip 13:55 19 Feb 2004

On your first boot disc, when you get to the prompt, type;

Z: [enter] (Z and a colon)

and see if you get to a Z: prompt. If so, place you WIN 98 CD in the drive and type;

setup [enter]

and let it run.

  gold 47 14:20 19 Feb 2004

Are you using the full version of W98SE??and not an OEM version from another computer.

  PA28 14:34 19 Feb 2004

Is this an installation disk or a recovery disk that's been made to get into Windows when an installed version fails? Your initial boot disk should offer to install drivers (Oak) for your CD drives (which is where MSCDEX is coming from) so that you can run your setup.exe installation from the CD. As you don't have an operating system currently installed, suggest that you go right to scratch and format your hard drive to clear the files that are currently there, and then do a clean install of 98 - assuming that you do have the right disks, of course.

  anchor 15:16 19 Feb 2004

Are you sure that your Win 98 floppy boot disc is OK?.

You can download a fresh one from here, if in doubt:

click here

Place this floppy disc in drive A, and then turn on the PC. You should be able to access the CD drive, which is usually one drive letter up from the normal. I imagine that your normal CD drive letter is D, so it will become E.

  Young Ranger 15:21 19 Feb 2004

The windows disc is one that I have used before on my old PC and it installed after a format. (Used the second floppy for this because the windows boot disc wouldn't recognise the D: drive).

LastChip: I followed your sugestion but now get the message "CDR101: not reading drive z."

Also tried the second floppy and D: instead of Z:.
Got the message "This programme requires Microsoft Windows".

Tried Format C: but get the message incorrect MS-DOS version.

Is it possible to access the bios and get it to boot from the CD?

  Diemmess 16:00 19 Feb 2004

You are - "Trying to install W98 on a computer that doesn't have an operating system."

Once upon a time it presumably did. Any clues what that might have been?

I'm sure you DO need to get into the BIOS a.s.a.p. The usual way is to keep tapping the Del key after switching on, until the BIOS screen comes up. Some computers use F2 instead.

Once there you will not only be able to decide -"First Boot Device", but be able to see just what HD and CDROM is recognised.

  LastChip 16:32 19 Feb 2004

First, the BIOS. The BIOS is accessible without anything else on the drive at all. In other word's, you can boot a machine up without a hard drive and access the BIOS. As mentioned above, you normally press Delete during boot-up, but some manufacturers use alternative keys. Look carefully at the screen to see which one you require.

You cannot install Windows 98 directly from the CD ROM. You need to boot-up with a Start-up disc of some sort to get to a prompt. If your present Star-up disc's are questionable, then click here for an alternative.

When you boot with a Start-up disc, your CD ROM will be either; 1. Moved one place on, so if it's noramlly D: it will become E:, or 2. Some third party boot disc's allocate Z: as the default CD ROM drive. The reason for this, is if you have multi-drives or partitions, it allows all the other partitions to remain available and in tact. It's just a different approach to retaining your existing partitions.

Look carefully when you boot-up with the floppy. Somewhere towards the end of the boot process, just before the prompt appears, you will see the letter allocated to your CD ROM drive. So if it's E: for example, once you get to the prompt, type;

E: [enter]

to change to (in this case) the E: prompt, and now type;

setup [enter]

and the setup program should run.

  Young Ranger 16:51 19 Feb 2004

I had a look at the BIOS and can't see anything wrong there. Under the primary drive, Drive 0 is shown as "0: Auto EIDE Drive 10202"

Under secondary Drive 0: Auto CDROM Device.

Reset to boot from CD but get "invalid system disc".

  LastChip 16:57 19 Feb 2004

You CANNOT boot directly from a Win 98 CD ROM.

  Young Ranger 17:20 19 Feb 2004

Woodchip, your previous reply was posted whilst I was typing.

Tried downloading a boot disc from the link you sugested but I just get "Please remove disk....."

My existing boot disc identifies the drive as D:

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