win 98 install no cd rom driver

  peeby 04:56 09 Jul 2003

I have loads of drivers I just cant figure out or get the info on installing them. Now everyplace I've been seems to think I have an autoexec.bat and config.sys. What I have is a floppy startup disk and a reformatted HD and mesaage that says no cd driver found and, the install does'nt move on.
New to this and too brave,did'nt realise that older cd drives do'nt get support from the 98startup disk. Just spent too much on RAM for tis old machine. I wanted it as backup so I could spend more time in my Linux partition on maine machine. Was wildly impressed this eveening when I connected a external serial modem to an old Pentium 1 as it just flew.
Regards. Peeby

  AndySD 05:10 09 Jul 2003

click here and download a new bootdisk or you can try this click here when you start with the floppy it gives you the option to start with cd rom support...choose this option you will then need to change the a prompt to D or E prompt and type in setup then hit Enter


hit Enter (it will now be D:\>)


Hit enter....if windows doesnt start try


hit Enter (it will now be E:\>)


Hit enter....if windows doesnt start come back to us.

  AndySD 05:21 09 Jul 2003

If not find out the make/model of the cdrom then look for the Dos drivers click here and boot with the 98 floppy at the A prompt change the floppy for one with the cd rom drivers in and install the drivers.... then follow the above advice to install windows.

  peeby 06:10 09 Jul 2003

GOt a driver from driver museum,went in in shot,but d:\>setup is -Bad command or file name-. Oh the screen went fairly fast but I think D:\ is RAmdrive. Have also tried e:\ andr:\ as have seen those mentioned as possible assigned drive letters.
I think now copying the start up to the HD was not so bright if I have this RAMdrive with a copy of startup disk.

But at least I'm moving again, just do'nt know where I'm going. Do you?

  AndySD 06:14 09 Jul 2003

yes I think so ..... try loading the soundcard driver before you load the cd rom driver. Then try E again.

  Bodi 09:04 09 Jul 2003

use the CD-ROM drive as the boot device in the BIOS? I have done this on an old Pentium 230MMX machine without problems. However, I did use a modern CD-ROM drive.

Just a suggestion.


  Bodi 10:33 09 Jul 2003

That is, of course, with the Windows installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.


  peeby 06:49 10 Jul 2003

No option in bios to set cd rom to boot. Only floppy and HD. CD ROM and sound card are not origonal Dell equip, at least CD player is labelled Creative SB, and sound card Creative 16.

Have DOS drivers for both Sound Card and CD Player and both appear to install in a correct fashion.

Anyway present state of affairs :
Command D:\> setup - Respone"not ready, reading A"
Now I see these "autoexec.bat & Config.sys" they are there on the HD (not on startup floppy) and I think they have to have some lines updated to include correct CD palyer. Is'nt "D" the RAM drive, but I tried all otherdrive letters too.

  AndySD 07:01 10 Jul 2003

The IDE cable is attached to the soundcard and its a long long time since I worked with one of these.... I will ponder it.....

Try the dommand


at the E prompt.

  Bodi 09:43 10 Jul 2003

Me too - although I still have the generic drivers for the Creative CD-ROM drive. Wasn't there also two connectors on these sound cards for different CD-ROM drives?

peeby: sorry my suggestion didn't work. I didn't realise your CD-Rom drive was quite as old. Just a thought, your floppy drive is OK isn't it?

I know you probably don't want to spend unneccesary money on this old computer, but wouldn't an new CD-ROM drive solve your problems?


  Gongoozler 09:54 10 Jul 2003

My computer started life as a Gateway2000 P75, and this had a Mitsumi CD-ROM drive that didn't work with Microsoft generic drivers. I found that the easiest way to install Windows 98 was to use a newer drive to get the software in and then change back to the Mitsumi which ran ok on the drivers built into Windows 98 - until I fitted a new drive permanently.

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