Win 98 hangs on boot after MS Download for IE6

  heathdavid 10:23 05 Oct 2003

I run Windows 98 second edition with IE6 and have kept up to date with the MS updates from their site. I run Norton systemworks 2003pro and firewall which are also up to date.
This morning, I went onto the MS site and scanned for updates and install a 2 Mb update for IE6. Now when I reboot the PC it appears to load everything correctly including all the items in the system tray but at the last minute hangs. CTL Alt Del do not work. It will start in Safe mode. I saved bootlog txt which stops at:
Init = TSRQuery
InitDone = TSRQuery
[0007205C] Starting Unknown (HTREE\RESERVED\0)
[0007205C] Started Unknown (HTREE\RESERVED\0)
[0007205D] Enumerating Unknown (HTREE\RESERVED\0)
[0007205D] Enumerated Unknown (HTREE\RESERVED\0)

Any ideas very gratefully received.



  MichelleC 10:45 05 Oct 2003

I deleted the latest patch for ie6 and now it works perfectly. I'll wait for the next one to fix this one before I update.

  heathdavid 18:04 05 Oct 2003

Does anyone know how to follow the advice of MichelleC and uninstall the patch?

  MichelleC 14:50 06 Oct 2003

Look in add/remove and you may see the update; (I can in w2k) and just delete. If not you may be able to revert to previous; click ie delete and you'll get repair or revert options (repair is often useless). If no go post back and we'll try other options.

  Stuartli 15:16 06 Oct 2003

I've done the download earlier today (828750) but am informed I need IE6 to be installed when I attempt to run it.

I have IE6 and have done so ever since it was launched - and the same with IE4, 5, 5.5 .....:-)

  heathdavid 18:22 06 Oct 2003

Many thanks - I have found it in the remove programs part. I should have looked more carefully.
Thank you again for your help.

  gold 47 19:00 06 Oct 2003

I think your better staying with IE 5.5 it may be me but i just don't think IE 6 works will with W98.

  gold 47 19:01 06 Oct 2003

Sorry for error should have been well.

  TommyRed 19:06 06 Oct 2003

It may just be you as I run 98SE and IE6 with no problem at all. TR

  gold 47 23:11 06 Oct 2003

Thanks TommyRed i thought it was just me but i did
have problems running IE6 so in my case it must have been the way it had been installed under W98.

  woodchip 23:24 06 Oct 2003

It should work OK on 98se as I used to run it without probs. But removed IE of Drive and use Netscape 7 it's a lot better

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