Win 98 Device problem

  itw2 15:44 05 Aug 2005

After continuous blue screens three quarters of the way into booting up Windows I have finally narrowed the problem down to a hard disk controller. If I disable the "secondary IDE controller(dual fifo)" I can boot fully into windows as normal. But I then have no CD roms. Has anybody any idea what the solution might be? Is this a software or hardware problem? Have I got a failure on the main board which is creationg a conflict. Help!! I am completely at a loss to know how to proceed.

  Klof Ron 15:46 05 Aug 2005

The secondary IDE controller is usally where the CD drives are attached , what happens if you re-enable it when you are in Windows?

  itw2 15:49 05 Aug 2005

Nothing as far as I can tell but the CD roms are not found unless I reboot and then blue screen!

  Klof Ron 15:52 05 Aug 2005

I would suggest a complete re-install, including deleting and recreating all partitions and logical drives, and re-formatting the drive. This should resolve the problem.

  itw2 15:56 05 Aug 2005

I was trying to avoid the hassle of doing that!! I will do that as a last resort but I was hoping there might be a less radical solution!! (I have reloaded windows)

  Klof Ron 16:52 05 Aug 2005

It's possible that you have a loose connection on the ribbon connecting your CD drive(s) to the motherboard, it might pay to remove the cover and check, also try starting in safe mode and remove any duplicate secondary IDE controllers from device manager.

  woodchip 19:52 05 Aug 2005

It may be good Idea to go to the Motherboard Site for new IDE Drivers, It may be using Microsoft Generic drivers

  woodchip 19:54 05 Aug 2005

Also if the board as a Via Chipset go hear for 4 in 1 drivers click here

  itw2 10:07 06 Aug 2005

Klof Ron. Thanks for the suggestions but no joy. Woodchip I still have to go to the intel site but in the meantime can any one tell me why the hard disk operates with the primary ide controller(dual fifo) disabled but the CD roms are not recognised if the secondary controller is disabled. The intel PCI bus master ide controller(intel 82371/AB/EP) is enabled and I have checked and specifically enabled "both ide channels" Will the intel site give me a separate new driver for the dual fifo secondary controller or will it be a replacement for the intel one above.

  Wak 11:07 06 Aug 2005

I assume you have checked in the Device Manager to see exactly where the yellow exclamation marks are??
Could it be an IRQ problem??

  woodchip 12:52 06 Aug 2005

As above you need the motherboard Driver loading these are EIDE controller Drivers. Without them loaded you will not get correct functionality. So you drives will not work as they should

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