Win 98 can't find 2nd hard drive

  kinger 14:44 03 Dec 2003

Hi all, A friend has just called me and explained that he has just reformatted his hard disc drive and re-installed his Windows 98 operating system.

Now, on rebooting all is well apart from the fact that Win 98 hasn't found his second hard disc drive. He says he hasn't altered anything Master/slave/secondary etc. so what can he do to sort it.

I remember it cropping up on this forum some time ago but can't remember the outcome.

Cheers, in advance, Kinger!

  kinger 14:47 03 Dec 2003

The second hard drive is one of those dockable plug in type. He simply plugs it into the front of his PC and he can lock it in place.

  menorcarob2 14:57 03 Dec 2003

just a guess but do you need to set your bios to using plug and play operating system

  kinger 15:03 03 Dec 2003

I will check but I believe that he altered nothing at all while reformatting his original hard drive. It was detected OK before the foramtting took place. Thanks for your reply.

Meanwhile if anyone else has any ideas of what it could be, they will be most welcome.

  kinger 15:18 03 Dec 2003

No, that's OK. I'm wondering if the problem is a Windows 98 problem rather than hardware.

  kinger 15:27 03 Dec 2003

Friend says he didn't need drivers for it as it was automatically detected when new.

It's a proper hard drive but simply isn't being found by the operating system.

  menorcarob2 15:29 03 Dec 2003

i was working on an old machine and i had to specify in the bios what hard drives were connected that was win98

  TBH1 15:31 03 Dec 2003

kinger - the thread you read was mine -I am that man - and it happened to me twice !!! Will try and sort the links out but think I have cracked the reason why it happened - don't know if its the same with a 'removable' jobby. The 1st time it happened, had a hard disc failure, bought a new one, fdisked and formatted, reloaded w98se - - - and no secondary hard disk - -a disk which was working fine up to the re-build. The 2nd time was when the replacement disc above broke, and sent it back and installed a 2gb drive, just so I could use PC . In both cases, BIOS recognised the fact I had 2 discs, even fdisk did. Ran a couple of dos utilities that could actually see the stuff I had on the 2nd disc, this the one windows couldn't see. In both instances I ran a utility called testdisk4.4 , and more by luck than judgement, managed to modify this drive for windows to see. The 1st time this happened took me ages to resolve, the 2nd time I was almost ready for it. The time I was expecting it to happen for the 3rd time, when I had my disc back and was replacing the temp 2gb hard drive, both discs were picked up first time. The only difference between this last time and the first 2 times was that i hadn't re-installed GoBack program on both drives, I knew the 2gb was temperary so didn't bother.

So, I'm putting it down to a 'glitch' with GoBack - - if you need link to testdisk4.4, or want it via email, let me know.

  menorcarob2 15:32 03 Dec 2003

could check to make sure the cable is not reversed

  kinger 15:59 03 Dec 2003

thanks, TBH1, the Go Back software WAS installed on his hard drive but isn't now.

He says they had trouble booting because Go Back kept trying to start even though it wasn't now installed and the disk had been formatted.

He is now re-installing Go Back to see if it makes a difference.

I will pass your answer onto him via email.

Now this looks promising. Thanks

  TBH1 16:29 03 Dec 2003

by re-installing GoBack won't make a difference to the AWOL disc as windows couldn't see it anyway - -gonna find the link to the last time I posted this problem, some interesting comments near the end as to why I felt the problem was GoBack - - don't go away.

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