win 98 boots only into safe mode

  johnnyrocker 22:54 06 Feb 2006

sorry if i am a bit vague but my sons machine has the above prob, he wasn't too descriptive as he is not very pc ofay, his problem is he turned his pc on yesterday and he got an error saying something like windows did not complete last task (or similar) and offers start options for 20 secs and then goes into safe mode, tried de frag, says no errors, tried from command to run scanreg /restore says it cant do it and go into dos, tried chdisk same message, any ideas from that which i have been able to glean please?


  woodchip 23:12 06 Feb 2006

Print this of and follow it.

First, boot your PC from your emergency boot disk, then enter the following commands, That means each line of text,it must be exact or it will not work following each with [Enter Key]:


CD \Windows

attrib -r -h -s system.dat

attrib -r -h -s system.da0

ren system.dat system.bad

ren system.da0 system.dat

attrib -r-h -s user.dat

attrib -r -h -s user.da0

ren user.dat user.bad

ren user.da0 user.dat

This will restore your Registry settings to those used the last time that Windows successfully loaded.

  johnnyrocker 23:18 06 Feb 2006

thanks very much for that but to my knowledge there are no disks available not even 98 but looking still.


  namtas 23:25 06 Feb 2006

you have something plugged in that is not happy or else you have changed some software since the last time you put it away.

  johnnyrocker 23:28 06 Feb 2006

well my son assures me it was ok a day or two ago when he last used it (he has bought a new game i believe) but apart from that i doubt he has done anything else but i will check.


  woodchip 23:29 06 Feb 2006

For boot floppy click here tenth file from top download it then put a Floppy in the drive and double click on the downloaded file, this creates the boot disc to do the above

  johnnyrocker 23:51 06 Feb 2006

cheers woodchip, not sure if he has 98 or 98se will it make a difference, and are the commands you kindly listed run from run box or command please?


  woodchip 23:56 06 Feb 2006

From DOS after you start with the floppy disc it goes to A:\> then start typing as above. Not forgetting to press enter after each line and note spaces and note Zeros not o's

  johnnyrocker 23:58 06 Feb 2006

excuse my dimness please but will it make a difference whether 98 or se?


  woodchip 00:03 07 Feb 2006

No it should work with both

  johnnyrocker 00:07 07 Feb 2006

nice one ty very much, he is bringing it round friday and i am just trying to get as much together as i can so i can help him out.


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