win 95/98 to XP

  creak 15:17 29 Dec 2003

I am thinking of buying a new comp but, they all come with XP. I run a program on my old pc (win me). It wouldn't load in me so had to uninstall and put win98 on, load my prog then put ME back on. will I have to do the same with a new pc that comes with XP ie-uninstall XP. load WIN98. load prog then reinstall XP(that's if it comes with the disc). Thanks for any help.

  leo49 15:29 29 Dec 2003

There's a workround as detailed in Flecc's posts reproduced here

click here

  gold 47 15:39 29 Dec 2003

No IT expert but it is best to put W98orWME in first but you will find with all pc's that come with XP preinstalled the recovery disk may or may not have the W98orWME drivers on,but someone else on the forum could give you better advice.

  sibaker 15:39 29 Dec 2003

Hi there.

It might have been better to name the programme you say doesnt work, however I think you should check out the manufactures web site or programme web site (what ever) to check for any updates(ie) if there are updates to allow the programme to run under Windows ME or XP etc. Also of course the programme will have a minimum system requirement to run where it will normally say which OS (operating system) it will run under, if ME or XP are not listed then it will probably not run, but again having said earlier, there may well be updates for the programme since it was released.

It sounds a bit drastic uninstalling the OS and replacing it with another, one thing to bear in mind, is that when you purcahse a new computer it is built with componants and drivers etc that are compatible with the operating system, sometimes you see a sticker saying "built for MS Windows XP" or such like and that all the required device drivers etc are installed. If you replace the original operating system with say Windows 98SE, it could well be that the new computers internal componants (Mother Board, Graphics Card, CDRW) etc etc, need drivers that are not on an older version of Windows (98SE) for example, does that make sense.

So, I would look for updates first and check that the programme will run under XP/ME etc.

I would not recomend that you replace a pre-installed OS with another especially on a brand new computer, sometimes if you have some involvment with the make up of the new computer, you can request what type of OS you would like installed.

Hope this has been helpful, Happy New Year.

  leo49 15:52 29 Dec 2003

You'll also find that XP has a Compatibility Mode which may well run your program.

  961 15:54 29 Dec 2003

I am a great believer in buying a computer from a manufacturer that will supply the Windows disc, rather than a computer that has the operating system on a hidden partition on your hard disc. Some will provide the disc for very little more. Some, on the other hand won't do it at all, or want virtually the cost of buying the operating system retail from a shop

Do not accept that "no one does that now" because some do, and if your system goes pear shaped at some date in the future, you will save an awful lot of hassle if you have the proper disc

Most old programmes will work, one way or another, on XP. but if you read Leo 49's post above, or give the programme's name no doubt someone will know if yours will actually work

  The Idle one 15:54 29 Dec 2003

WinXP has a compatability mode for old software etc. so you could try that method

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