win 95 software on win xp. How

  Bazz2000 15:51 13 Jun 2004

hi ppl.
I have an old game that i used to play on my old machine, running win 95. I now run win xp pro. I cant get the program to install because of this. I know there is a windows 95 compatibility mode, but as far as i can see, you have to already have the program installed.
Any help ppl??

  Graham ® 16:01 13 Jun 2004

See if this is any help, it certainly mentions your problem click here

  Mikè 16:04 13 Jun 2004

You could try right clicking on the installers .exe and selecting properties/compatibility and try installing in win 95 mode. Have my doubts whether this will work though.

  woodchip 16:32 13 Jun 2004

Find the program you loaded in Explorer right click on the Program.exe file and choose make compatible

  Totally-braindead 19:07 13 Jun 2004

What is the games title?

  Gaz W 02:03 14 Jun 2004

I recently got a game installed by running its setup in compatibility mode. After that, even the game loads, although it's not brilliant under XP. Running the setup in compatibility mode might only install some games, but not allow them to run, so you might then need to run the installed game in compatibility mode.

  Gaz W 02:06 14 Jun 2004

...that's basically what Mikè was saying!

Anyway give it a try because there is a chance it might work.

I'm actually going to rebuild an old PC of mine (currently in bits) and install Windows 95 or 98, just so I can run some old games that were either designed only to work with a specific graphics card or required DOS or Windows 9x.

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