Win '95 + NIC`

  Epoc 21:24 01 Nov 2003

I was recently asked to fix a computer running windows '95. What had happened was that the person had tried to install a network card in their computer. Once it was installed the computer would only boot into safe mode, eventually it would nto boot at all. When I had a look it would freeze on the '95 splash screen. I removed the network card, and windows started fine. I checked the device manager but there were no red crosses or yellow exclamation marks. I then shut the computer down and put the network card back in, this time in a differant slot just in case. When I re-started it found the card, and started installing from the '95 cd, which wasn't in the machine,it then froze. I re-started and it just froze on the '95 splash screen again.

I appreciate that this is an old system and the card might not be compatable but thought there might be something I could do as the system did find the card. Unfortunatly all I know is that the computer is old, and it was a D-Link 10/100 netwrk card.

  Epoc 22:07 01 Nov 2003

Might it help to upgrade to '98?

  JIM 22:28 01 Nov 2003

Are you installing into win95 or win95 ORS 2.?

Found this info,though not knowing the model number of your card but may apply.It was a D-Link 10/100

If installing under Windows 95 you will have to point the installation wizard to the Win95 subdirectory, on the diskette supplied. Otherwise, it will install the files in the root directory, which only work in Windows95 OSR2 but not the original Windows95.

  JIM 22:43 01 Nov 2003


  JIM 22:45 01 Nov 2003

ment to follow up with,if system has the power and memory with speck for win98?

  Epoc 22:50 01 Nov 2003

Thanks for your help, I think that it is original '95 and installing the wrong files. However when you boot into '95 with the card installed it installs the drivers automatically, and before you can click cancel it freezes.

  JIM 22:54 01 Nov 2003

Try entering the safe mode to install to direct drivers or see if you can cancel plug and play before booting into windows.

You can check the version of Win95 by checking the System Details in Control Panel.
On the General Tab it will state
'Windows 95 4.00.950 B' if it's SR2.

The PC I'm currently using runs 95 SR2 and has a NIC working with no problems.

  Epoc 23:07 01 Nov 2003

Is there any way to update a '95 machine to SR2? I will try out the other suggestions this week. Thanks.

  Epoc 08:53 03 Nov 2003

The OS is 95 SR2, I think there may be an IRQ conflict with the ISA modem. If the NIC should work with 95 then there is not much point in upgrading it to 98 as it seems to be a hardware issue. Thanks for all the help.

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