win 95 keyboard driver

  neghness 16:44 09 Jun 2004


i just recently salvaged a computer form a mate, and, after realsiing his power supply was blown, and i couldn't be bothered soldering a new fuse in, i put his HDD in my comp, and booted it up. after a while, before windows finished booting up, a message appeared about about the keyboard file, and then a message appeared saying 'windows protection error. please restart your computer' after rebooting, the screen came up where you choose either normal boot, safe mode or logged (you know the one i mean). after choosing normal, it did the same again. i then chose safe mode. this time it did boot. after checking out keyboard under device manager, it claimed that it was working OK. confusing, considering the error with nomal booting is clearly from keyboard.
just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, and if you know how to solve it. i have a feeling that a driver may be missing, because windows XP has two keyboard driver files listed under device manager. this computer only has one.
any ideas?

thanks in advance

  Eric10 19:54 09 Jun 2004

It's not only the keyboard that's the problem. If you have put a hard drive with an operating system installed into a different PC then all the motherboard drivers, graphics, sound, etc will be wrong. You just can't do this and expect it to sort out the drivers for itself. Also messing inside a switched mode power supply can be lethal. The fuse has blown for a reason so it's much better to just get another PSU and match the hard drive with its own motherboard.

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