win 95, access/icon errors - urgent

  flumps 09:27 12 Jan 2004

i was trying to send an email, which was taking a very long time, when an error message appeared - program has performed illegal operation, closing closed down internet, and another error message came up, white box (sorry i didn't read it properly, but it mentioned a file...dll?) and gave me 2 optins cancel or ignore, i tried both neither worked and ctrl-alt-del wouldn't let me shut down. so i shut down the PC maually and re-started it. all seemed fine but the icons on my desk top no longer have descriptions under them, and i can't double click or otherwise on them. i tried Word, not too bad, but after a little exploring i noticed that everything that i can access has no lettering on the buttons (i.e minimise/close buttons still in the top right hand corner but just plain gray) this is the case with everything. the font has changed on almost all the programs any tick/cross buttons (i.e. save password) are just fuzzy?? i tried getting onto the internet again can do so, but IE explorer doesn't display correctly most of the top bar is missing.. i have tried norton virus check-ok and wondows/reg/disk checks-ok, i tried rescue discs from boot, still they seem to think nothing is wrong!!!
HELP, sorry to go on but i thought i should tell you in as much detail as possible, i have just enough IT knowledge to get along, until now. I have exmas coming up and assignments to hand in, and the my PC/internet is quite useful so all this is stressing me out please give advice.
thank you

  Big Elf 09:37 12 Jan 2004

I can't think of anything at the moment but make sure you back-up all your data.

  feb 10:05 12 Jan 2004

Have you tried simply restarting your pc? If so then run scandisk

  Big Elf 11:19 12 Jan 2004

Although it's possible to extract a dll from the install CD cab files or download one you need to know the name.

All I can think of is to backup your data (and make sure the backups work) and format and reinstall.

  flumps 08:49 13 Jan 2004

Tried turning off and booting numerous time, not working.
I have also tried to restore my original settings using the master CD/floppy but was unable to do so. the message said that i didn't have enough memory? but i checked the this out and apparently my hard drive has 82% of it free??? but i thought the master CD would clean everthing prior to installing anyway? what does this mean, is it possible that my hard drive has worn out? and hence the sudden loss of data and frozen icons, i can still use word to a certain extent and the games are still functioning though.

i was wondering if cleaning my hard drive before another attepmt to restore windows would work, if so do i do this by typing c:/FORMATC ?

if my hard drive has died, is it it possible to replace it, or the memory, without having to buy a new computer entirely? i am just thinking of ways of getting the PC up again without having to spend too much money.

  Big Elf 11:30 13 Jan 2004

The command is format c: You will lose all your data. It's possible the hard drive is faulty.

  feb 08:05 14 Jan 2004

If you have the Win95 CD you should be able to reinstall windows without reformatting.

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