win 95 to 98

  zebbydog 17:36 18 Sep 2004

I have given a mate my copy of win 98se as i now use xp he has win 95 .I want to format and install for him but he has no discs, how do i find the drivers to back up first, he only has a floppy to write to. Any help please.

Pentium 166 32 mb 2gd hd

  Diodorus Siculus 18:14 18 Sep 2004

Get Belarc Advisor and it will id all the components; then go to manufacturers' sites to get the latest drivers.

As he has only a floppy drive you may have problems - any chance that you can fit a CD-R drive for the short time it will be necessary?

  Noleg24 18:18 18 Sep 2004

to being with the PC may need some upgrading...especially in the processor and memory department and you can go to click here as they do have the old memory but you maybe stuck with the really you may need a full upgrade for a whole new can purchase programs that allow you to mirror the hard drive in other words it copies everything from the old hard drive onto the new one...but since its Win 95 some of the files may not be compatible with Win 98. so I would get some research done on this first before doing anything...otherwise its a full format. but one more thing would be to put the 2gb hdd into a PC that has a CDRW and even tho it may have win95 you should be able to copy the files from the hdd to CD via another OS like 98/Me/2000/XP...

  zebbydog 19:21 18 Sep 2004

He as a cd drive but not writable i have everest is that the same as belarc

  Diodorus Siculus 20:05 18 Sep 2004

Yes, everest is actually better I think...

If you have a CD- R drive it will be simple to slot it in for a short time.

  zebbydog 09:34 19 Sep 2004

Thanks for help every one

  zebbydog 09:36 19 Sep 2004

Thanks for help everyone

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