Win 7HP start up problem.

  bigfooted 12:17 14 Aug 2013

Hi, my wife has an Acer Aspire 5552 laptop which will not start up properly. The laptop runs Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit and is freezing during the boot up. We can get as far as the green 'welcome to Windows' screen then instead of opening at the desktop screen it goes black and freezes. I have tried the startup repair program with no joy, I cannot get it to start in any safe mode and I have tried disconnecting the power, removing the battery for ten minutes and restarting all with no joy.I would welcome any advice or suggestions as to how to proceed from here.

  bigfooted 12:46 14 Aug 2013

Some additional info., my wife tells me everything was working o.k. last night but when she shut the system down she received a message on screen saying one update was being installed before the machine shut down. Because of this she left it to shut down automatically after the installation. Unfortunately she did not check what was being installed. We use Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 so there should not have been anything hidden within the update program but I wondered if this may have been the start of the problem and if anyone else has had this happen after installing this update?

  Zeppelyn 13:50 14 Aug 2013

Try going back into Recovery option and select System Restore, Windows usually makes a restore point before applying updates.

  bigfooted 14:47 14 Aug 2013

Thanks Zeppelyn, unfortunately cannot get passed the green welcome screen to select anything. Have just tried recovery disk but realised it was for 32-bit system not 64bit. so no joy there. Is there something I can do through the Command screen.

  bigfooted 14:51 14 Aug 2013

I have a full 64-bit installation disk but am reluctant to use it in case the problem is within the computer and makes this copy invalid once used. Just as a warning for other readers, I bought a ' recovery' disk from e-bay, supposedly for Win7 HP. When I tried it out, it was for Win XP and useless.

  Graphicool1 15:23 14 Aug 2013

Start in Safe Mode. Then try System Restore.

  bigfooted 16:14 14 Aug 2013

Hi Graphicool1, thanks for the post, unfortunately it will not start in any mode, when I select safe mode the screen displays files being loaded, when this finishes the screen goes black and stops. I have a feeling it might be the internal battery gone as the computer is over 2 years old. I will try changing this and re-post if still having problems. Thanks to all for advice

  Secret-Squirrel 10:37 15 Aug 2013

bigfooted, you've probably already tried this but it's still worth mentioning. When you do the F8 thingy at startup, do you get the option to "Repair your Computer" like this? If you do, select it, follow the prompts until you arrive at this screen then use the System Restore utility.

  bigfooted 12:10 15 Aug 2013

Hi Jock1e, Tried your suggestion but no joy, I have replaced the CMOS battery, again no joy, checked memory modules and cables that I can get at and all seem secure. Secret-Squirrel, tried Sys Restore only to be told there are no restore points set which is odd as I ran some maintenance programs on it last week and one of the programs includes the option of creating a restore point before proceeding, so there should have been at least one. Unfortunately it is beginning to look as though the hard drive is faulty, so I am going to remove it and get it checked as I am unable to access diskcheck on this machine. Thanks again for time and trouble taken.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:34 15 Aug 2013

"as I am unable to access diskcheck on this machine"

Ah, but you can ;) At the "System Recovery Options" screen, choose "Command Prompt" and type this: chkdsk C: /R /F

That command tells the disk check to fix all problems it finds and to also scan for bad sectors on the drive and recover readable information.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:37 15 Aug 2013

The command was split across two lines in the post above so here it is again:

chkdsk C: /R /F

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