Win 7 will not recognise my second drive

  Jaynedoe 21:54 01 Jan 2010

Hi all and Happy New Year. Had a new hard drive bought me and a copy of Windows 7. My pute is a pent 4 3.6 gig with 2 gig PC4000 ram. It has two hard drives. One for the operating system and one for storing my work, pics, music etc. Normal setup I suppose. With my old drive and XP installed all works fine. When I put the new drive in with Win7 it will not recognise the second hard drive. The system works ok I just cannot access the second drive. In control panel the second drive shows up as there; on boot up it shows the second drive as well. There is a help function in Windows 7 under device drivers and when I run it it says 'a hardware change has not been recognised by Windows 7' My request is therefore what do I do to access this drive? Does anyone know please? Thanks. Jane.

  jamesd1981 22:03 01 Jan 2010

hi jaynedoe if its a brand new hard drive it will be unformatted so windows wont see it, it only sees ntfs format with your new drive connected enter the bios and make sure its detected in there if it is all you need to is format and partion your new drive to ntfs format.

  Jaynedoe 23:43 01 Jan 2010

Hi James. It is the master drive which is new and I have formatted it then put Win 7 on. Its the second old drive it will not recognise. This has all my work on it. If I put the old master drive in with XP on then it is recognised as usual but when I put the new drive in that now has Win 7 on it then it wont recognise any second drive even though it shows up in control panel. I have tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling. In Disc management it says that drive F is 'foreign' and wont show any content so I couldn't even format it. I get the same for any other drive I put in. The old storage drive is a seagate 500gig btw. A very thin one. Thanks for replying.

  jamesd1981 10:20 02 Jan 2010

are your drives ide or sata ? if they are idea make sure you have the jumpers on the drive set properly primary drive should be master and secondary drive slave is normally tells you on the hard drive where to place the jumpers for each set up it has a picture of the positions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:49 02 Jan 2010

click here

scroll down to "importing Foreign disks"

  Jaynedoe 11:28 03 Jan 2010

Fruitbat. Job done thank you. I chose to 'import disc' then it said 'you need to format disk before use. So I moved all the data off it to another drive using my xp machine then put it back in win7 and chose quick format. Now I can see it and have moved all the data back. Will I now be able to see this drive in a Win Xp machine though?
Must say I am having loads of problems with this win 7. Cant find drivers for R200 epson printer or Epson 610 scanner or Asus soundcard yet. Epson site simply says, We do not support win 7 for these devices. Then recommends buying newer printers etc. The soundcard is ASUS on a ASUS motherboard and likewise ASUS say 'this motherboard does not support this operating system.' The reason I need 2 drives is I use XP at home but school has changed to Win 7 and I need to get used to it. I'm hoping more stuff will become avaiable in the near future so I can fully use it at home. Thanks again

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