Win 7 Upgrade issue

  ventanas 10:59 10 Jun 2011

I have a Dell Vostro 200 on my desk running Vista Ultimate, and I would like to move it Windows 7 Ultimate. Problem is Dell don't provide any Windows 7 drivers for this machine. It isn't really that old, about 3 years I think.

When I last moved a pc from Vista to 7 (Toshiba laptop) I downloaded every possible driver first, and then didn't actually need any of them. The Win 7 installation took care of it. Question is, could I rely on the same happening here if I went for it.

I suppose I could source each driver indivually by manufacturer, but that's a lot of searching.

Grateful for any help.

  ventanas 11:04 10 Jun 2011

Should have added Chipset, Graphics, Sound, Network etc all passed the compatibility test. In fact nothing of any significance failed.

  johndrew 11:06 10 Jun 2011

Are you referring only to drivers for graphics, drives and similar? If so you may find that many you already have will function with W7. To check you could run the W7 Upgrade Advisor; it can be downloaded from link text

  johndrew 11:07 10 Jun 2011

Looks as if you answered the question whilst I was posting :-))

  Zeppelyn 15:27 10 Jun 2011

I don't see a problem here:-

  1. The Vista drivers would work anyway.
  2. The Component Manufacturers Drivers would be more up to date.
  3. Windows update will more than probably offer updates the first time you run it.
  ventanas 21:56 10 Jun 2011

Thank you, ordered the DVD this afternoon. I'm going to reformat first, with a clean reinstall of Vista, update all drivers, and then upgrade to Win 7.

Hopefully will be a bit shorter than the eleven hours the laptop took. But this machine had many programs on it, and everything worked when it eventually finished.

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