Win 7 System Restore

  Clapton is God 08:45 20 May 2012

My O/S is Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit.

Is it possible to 'tweak' system restore so that it automatically creates a restore point at an interval set by me (every 6 hours for instance)?

  john bunyan 09:06 20 May 2012

The link below seems to have what you want. You will need to delete older points and decide how much space to devote. I prefer to do a virus and malware check and a defrag before making a restore point. Windows ,as you know, makes one prior to installing updates. I prefer an ATI image of my OS and a mirror copy of my data.

System restore manager

  Clapton is God 09:17 20 May 2012

Thanks for that.

So, I guess what you're saying is that it's not possible within Windows itself to set my own restore point intervals (although I see from your link that the Win 7 default is 24 hours).

However, the freeware in your link seems to be able to do what I want.

  KRONOS the First 09:22 20 May 2012

Clapton isn't,Hendrix is.

  john bunyan 09:32 20 May 2012


Hope it works for you, but the danger is if a "nasty" gets in, it will be in the restore point unless you scan before creating one. If it id data you want to keep backed up, I would create a "Master" folder with all hour data sub folders and use either SynchToy or (I prefer) Freefilesynch to make "mirror image " copies. I do it daily (to another drive), and once you make one copy, which takes a bit of time, subsequent copies take less than a minute as only new, deleted or modified files are involved. Not much point in backing up whole system so frequently, IMHO

  compumac 09:41 20 May 2012

I use Acronis for creating complete drive images every two weeks and use NonStop backup (it is nonstop)included in Acronis for all of my data. I also have Allway Sync synchronising my data. Using either Non Stop and Allway Sync you are able to recover old versions of the file being backed up and a very useful feature it is.

  Clapton is God 10:03 20 May 2012

john bunyan and compumac Thanks for that. I'll certainly take your comments on board!

Chronus Yawn.

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