Win 7 settings!!

  TonyV 19:45 13 Dec 2010

I really am struggling with Win 7. For something that is supposed to be easy to operate or change, I am finding everything so difficult to sort out.

I have just switched the machine on this evening and find the Taskbar is white, and very difficult to see/read properly. Try as I may, I can see no way of reverting to the blue that it was yesterday. Any suggestions how I can colour the taskbar?

Equally so, in XP, I was able to change the appearance of open windows by going into a setting system that allowed various areas of a window to to be changed. Like the appearance of the menu bar, the scroll bar, the grid postion of Icons etc. Again, I have been singularly unsuccessful in finding anything like that on Win 7.

In real terms, I have to say I find this new system so unwieldly as to be untrue.

I hope someone can help. (Or I will have to wait for the delivery of the MS Step by Step book!!)



  TonyV 19:51 13 Dec 2010

As Mr Meldrew would say, "I don't beleive it!" I am referring to this problem on a HP laptop, and because the battery was getting a wee bit low, I have plugged the mains plug in. Lo and behold, the task bar has returned to its' original dark colour. What the hell is the logic in that?

But the other problem still remains, how do I carry out finite changes to window layouts?


  Pine Man 20:16 13 Dec 2010

To change the appearance of your 'bits' right click on your desk top and select personalize.

  TonyV 20:31 13 Dec 2010

Thanks for coming back. I have spent ages going thru' that facility and nowhere can I see the change element I want. For instance, on my old machine, I changed the spacing for the desktop icons both horizontally and vertically. I aslo changed the scroll bars etc. but again, I can find nothing like it in that personalization window. Unless of course, you can tell me differently!!



  TonyV 20:41 13 Dec 2010

I used to be able to change these things in XP by right clicking the desktop, then choosing Appearance, I think.


  northumbria61 22:44 13 Dec 2010

Some info here - click here

  TonyV 23:35 13 Dec 2010

Many thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for. As I said earlier, I had spent ages looking for that facility.



  VCR97 20:20 14 Dec 2010

Window color - not exactly an intuitive path to icon positioning.

  TonyV 21:19 15 Dec 2010

No, but what else do you expect? I sometimes think MS use the change for changes sake theory!!


  chub_tor 22:11 15 Dec 2010

I found these tutorials click here really useful when I changed to Windows 7

  TonyV 00:02 16 Dec 2010

Thanks for that. I will bookmark it for future reference.


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