Win 7 mobile PCA log-in.

  rdave13 16:40 06 Oct 2013

Not familiar to a mobile phone with Windows, I attempted to log in to the site, changed the browser to PC mode, got the log-in icon, tapped it and got a page to log in with a Facebook account. I don't have a Facebook account so I couldn't log in.

Anyone know a workaround?

  rdave13 23:49 18 Oct 2013

Connecting to router worked. Apparently 3G isn't good enough.

  Woolwell 13:48 19 Oct 2013

I use 3G with the mobile version of this site without major problems. The mobile log in is well hidden with "log in now" in pale blue in the midst of the text starting with "To post a reply". You do not need to use Facebook.

  rdave13 15:18 19 Oct 2013

Hello Woolwell , the problem I had was the log-in popup wouldn't work on 3G so only got the Facebook option. Once I connected to the router the popup showed and I logged in. Could have been a problem just on the day though. Thank for your reply.

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