Win 7 Laptop boot issues

  JasonYoo 16:21 28 Apr 2014

Hi Forum,

Recently my laptop just shut down after playing some games, which I can defiantly run. Plus, they're all put on the lowest settings. I had a laptop cooler under it, and was running skyrim for about 15 mins, when my laptop shut down. I booted it and it took me to system recovery where I got reset back about 15 minutes, and when I tried moving my mouse the whole system shut down. Every time I try to boot it now, the screen never turns on and the power button blinks for about 0.5 sec and it just turns off again, in an infinite loop, until I manually remove the laptop's battery. Any causes/solutions for this?

  wee eddie 17:52 28 Apr 2014

I know that you are using a Cooler, but have you checked that the passages, through which the air passes, are clear?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:39 28 Apr 2014

does it run Ok on mains without the battery?

if so then a dead battery could be dragging down the power.

  JasonYoo 21:33 28 Apr 2014

wee eddie, Yeah, I've checked them. They're all clear, and at the time my computer initially crashed, it wasn't warm or hot at all.

Fruit Bat: I've tried other solutions like reseating the memory and HDD, and taking the battery and AC cable out and then pressing the power button for a time, then plugging in the AC cable. Didn't work.

  onthelimit1 09:09 29 Apr 2014

Sorry, but to me it sounds like a motherboard failure. I've seen a number of laptops now (mainly, but not only HP) where similar indications have showed themselves. If you google the symptoms for your specific laptop you may find more info about it.

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