WIN 7 installation

  tinku.khandelwal 11:37 24 Aug 2013

I have WIN XP pc at my home , but I Want to install WIN 7 in my PC. I want to know that will all the files in different drive be deleted during this ?

  onthelimit1 11:51 24 Aug 2013

If you install W7 over XP, all files on that drive will be deleted. You could unplug the 'different drive' during the installation if you want to be sure to keep them. If you want to get rid of those file, you could format that disk.

  lotvic 14:32 24 Aug 2013

Take out or unplug all the extra Drives and only leave an empty harddrive in the pc to install W7.

After W7 is installed you can shut down pc and put the other harddrives back. Then switch pc on, pc will boot into C: W7. Open Windows Explorer, and you'll see the extra harddrives which will now have a different drive letter (E: F: G: etc depending on how many you have) and all your files will be there.

You will have to install in W7 any programs you need to open the files.

Note: if you wanted to, you could then take out the W7 harddrive and put the XP drive in. Swap the cable positions on the motherboard, whichever harddrive you plug into SATA 0 slot position on motherboard will become C: and boot up, so you could swap between booting up with W7 or XP (This is not a dual boot setup).

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